The Role Of Bridal Mehandi In Indian Weddings

The Role Of Bridal Mehandi In Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is deemed to be incomplete without the traditional mehendi ceremony. It usually consists of the bride-to-be being adorned with intricate mehendi patterns all over her arms and feet. In fact, the groom is also made to apply a bit of mehendi as a part of the wedding rituals. This ceremony is enjoyed by the close family members and friends of the bride and groom. There is a lot of singing, dancing, delicious food and of course applying mehendi. Although it is considered to be a traditional ritual, applying mehendi during the pre-wedding days has its own significance in the Indian culture. You can get beautiful designs done on your hands and feet for the upcoming wedding rituals by booking one of the Best Salons in Chennai to get into the wedding mood.

Importance of Mehandi in Bridal MakeUp

The Indian bride-to-be gears up for her wedding by applying organic mehandi to her finger nails and toe nails a few weeks before the wedding to achieve a deep maroon colour. This is followed by the application of the actual mehandi design ahead of the Mehandi ceremony. The groom is excused by just applying a token mehandi design for good luck. Here are a few reasons why mehandi is believed to have huge significance in the wedding rituals in the Indian subcontinent:

  • A Sign of Good Luck
    Mehandi is regarded as a good omen in this part of the world. Hence, applying it during the wedding is believed to bring good luck to the new couple and their families. In fact, some people even believe that the deeper the shade of the Mehandi on the bride’s hands, the deeper is her love for her to-be-husband. However, in some places, the mehandi colour signifies the bond between the mother in law and the bride. Whatever, the myth maybe, mehandi signifies love, affections and deeper bonding. Most mehandi artists in Egmore use a special blend of mehandi to ensure that the mehandi leave a beautiful red shade on the bride’s hands and feet.
  • Beneficial For The Nails
    Application of mehandi is believed actually to promote the growth of healthy nails. It has also been observed to give a relaxing effect, which helps the new bride and groom to find a bit of relief for the upcoming wedding preparations. Recent studies have also shown that mehandi has the ability to keep ailments like viral diseases away.

Choosing The Best Bridal Mehandi Designs

Mehandi designs are classified into different categories like Arabic designs, Indian designs, contemporary designs, fusion designs and so on. All of these designs need to be carefully applied and left to dry before its true beauty can be revealed to the world. In fact, some experts in the industry use other embellishments like crystals, and highlighters to add a bit more pizazz to their work of art. You can even choose a mehandi pattern depending on the theme of the wedding. After all, mehandi plays a crucial role in any wedding in this part of the world.

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