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Avail Hair Loss Treatment in Porur, Chennai

Did you know that dull, thinning hair is a sign of poor health? The best treatment for thinning hair is not limited to one or two choices. Depending on the complexity of the problem, our carefully curated treatments from expert dermatologists will go a long way in arresting hair loss.

We take great pride in offering the following features: 

Choosing The Right Hair Fall Treatment For Hair Loss in Porur, Chennai

There are no magic formulae to decide which is best for your hair. There are numerous types of salon hair treatments priced reasonably at our center in Porur, Chennai. For instance, hair spa is a growing trend that claims to provide relief from dandruff problems and hair loss issues.

To know what is hair salon, you can look at it as an ideal hair treatment that is offered by all major salons and spa. It involves a relaxing scalp massage, followed by shampooing and conditioning. Hair spa is best for those suffering from hair loss, and those with complaints of lackluster hair.

The scalp is massaged gently for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. A deep conditioning mask is applied for 30 minutes. Later, our experts apply cream from the root of the hair to the tips to give it a smooth appearance.

River Hair Studio offers hair regrowth treatment in Porur, Chennai

Come over to River Hair Studio and enjoy benefits of hair spa treatment at our center in Porur. The noteworthy benefits among them include:

Our massaging technique is gentle and relaxing. It helps in increased blood circulation to the scalp and improves secretion of natural oil.

Oil massage that forms the basis of any hair spa treatment helps reduce dryness of scalp- one of the primary causes of dandruff.

 Your tresses are manageable. Damaged hair and split ends are reduced.

Looking for treatment for hair loss in Porur, Chennai? Read this!

We present to you a list of hair spa treatments offered at our center in Porur. Ask our experts for anti-hair fall treatment, dandruff cure, cold/hot oil massage and henna conditioning treatment. While you relax, our team will restore the glory.

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