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Get yourself the benefit of the best pearl facial for oily skin in Porur, Chennai

River Hair Studio provides the best skin care services that are in sync with the latest technological trends and research methods. There are so many facials that are available at River Hair Studio to give you great results. You could go for relaxing natural facial methods or go for skin care treatments such as lightening or anti-ageing. Regardless of whether you choose the best facial for dry skin in Porur, Chennai, we promise using quality products and natural ingredients that can only nourish your skin to get your natural glow back.

The first step in the skin care regimen is consultation with our skin experts. We help you in understanding your skin type and choosing the platinum facial benefits! Not just skin care, we also take a look at your lifestyle and dietary intake to see how what you eat can benefit your skin. If you have undergone any skin care treatments earlier, it is important that you mention it to our consultants. You can tell us what your major skin worries are and we tell you how to fix them!

Summer brings Skin worries along!

Chase them away with the help of the Best facial salon in Porur, Chennai

After discussions, we help you with the various facial treatments and face mask for glowing skin in summer that can work for you. It is important that the treatment is suitable for your skin type also. Our experts pitch in with their views whenever needed and choose the perfect facial care treatment.

Women cannot resist gold and its shine. How about using it as a natural supplier of nutrients for your skin? That is what happens when you take up the Gold Facial treatment from River Hair Studio. Gold is an excellent source for activating the cell renewal process and rejuvenate your skin. 

Gold is an excellent source for activating the cell renewal process and rejuvenate your skin. Get rid of wrinkles and spots with the glittering gold facial. Say goodbye to the blemishes and let the gold add some glow and glitter to your face.

Glittering Gold for your beautiful skin only from River Hair Studio

There are different stages in the Gold facial process.

Cleansing: Clean up your face with natural face cleansing ingredients to get rid of dirt and clean up your face.

Exfoliation: This helps in removing the dead skin cells that prevent the new cells from forming. With the gentle scrubbing action, remove the dead skin cells and activate new skin cells.

Massage: The gold massage cream or gel helps in absorbing the natural properties of gold into your skin and ensures that it reaches the deeper layers of your skin for best nourishment

Mask: This glowing skin mask for dull tired skin is applied on your skin and once dry, it is removed to cleanse your skin better

Moisturizing: It is important to apply the facial moisturizer to restore the hydration levels in your skin by choosing the best face moisturizer for oily skin

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