Methods By Which Hair Is Taken Care Of After Hair Straightener Treatment

Methods By Which Hair Is Taken Care Of After Hair Straightener Treatment

Straightening of hair has always been one of the most popular hair treatments preferred by young and old women. It makes the hair look beautiful, free of tangles and easy to manage. The whole look of the face itself is changed, and the person looks much more ravishing by this method. Hair can be straightened using permanent hair straightening treatments or temporary hair straightening methods for maybe attending a festive function. One of the important points to note is that just after the treatment is done, take care not to wet the hair for three days. Also, during these three days, you should not tie up your hair or tuck it behind the ears. All these will make the hair lose its straightened profile and might create a bend at the place where you tied or tucked your hair. Also, while sleeping at night, ensure that the hair remains straight.

Taking Care Of Your Tresses After Hair Treatment Is Equally Important

After the three days of straightening, you can now wash your hair and use it as you like. You can tie it or tuck it behind your ears. It is always best to do a hair spa after three days and then wash the hair. Now, you might wonder what is hair spa. Hair spa is a sort of hair therapy that is very essential for ensuring the health of the hair. It aids in helping the hair maintain its shiny lustre, bounciness and also helps in maintaining the strength of the hair. Here are some other points you need to take care after the three days of treatment:

  • After doing hair spa at a good hair spa in Chennai, ensure you take good care of the hair by regularly shampooing your hair and applying conditioner afterwards. It is preferred that you leave on the conditioner for some more time than you usually do before washing it off.
  • Never use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water removes the moisture from the hair and makes it dry.
  • Always comb the hair using a wide toothed comb only. Use it carefully and slowly to remove all the tangles in the hair. Never use a hair brush for combing your hair.
  •  Regular application of hair serum is a must. It acts as an effective barrier against the harmful effects of sun rays, dust particles and pollutants.
  • Use leave in hair conditioners. These help the hair to maintain moisture and helps to keep the hair from getting frizzy or dry.
  • Always make use of hair masks or hair spas on a regular basis so that the hair receives all the lost nutrients due to chemicals included in the hair straightening process. It also adds necessary vitamins needed for your hair.

Always Pick A Professional Hair Stylist In Chennai For The Straightening Treatments

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, always make sure you eat healthy food and consume lots of fruits, vegetables, cashews, nuts and almonds. Try not to use any heating tools. In case you have to use a blow dryer, use the cool air mode. Also, it is better not to use any hair colours or highlighting methods immediately after hair straightening as your hair needs some relaxing time after the chemical treatment.

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