Bid goodbye to your skin care woes with the exclusive range of best facial for glowing skin in Hotel Raj Park, Chennai

River Hair Studio believes in providing the best care available to its customers. We are of the strong belief that the reason for skin problems is because of the imbalance in nutrients supplied to the skin. By using only natural ingredients, we have curated many facial treatments that work wonders on your skin by retaining their natural grow and young look. Designed for hydration, nourishment, strength and cleansing, our unique types of facial treatments let you see the results with your own eyes after the treatment is done.

Common Skin Care Issues

While the skin type is unique for each customer, some of the common skin care worries that the customers have are:

  • 1Dry patches
  • 2Congested skin
  • 3Skin darkening
  • 1Pimples
  • 2Pigmentation
  • 3Scars

Consult with our beauty experts to get the best in class skin care treatments that are curated for your skin


During this time, we discuss with our customers what their skin problems are and analyze the skin to understand it better. We suggest treatments that consider the facial types including facial for combination skin type. Our beauty experts then suggest various facials that can address your skin related woes such as best moisturizer for dry aging skin. Take your pick from the wide range of skin care services and leave your worries to us!

Maintaining Your Skin

After treatment, it is important to maintain your skin to ensure that the effect lasts longer. There are also specific maintenance treatments available which our beauty experts will suggest during the consultation stage.

Using the maintenance treatment, you can ensure that your skin looks glowing and healthy for a long time.

Get the benefits of beautiful and glowing skin with the Best facial salon in Raj Park, Chennai

Benefits of Taking facial spa treatment


  • Understand your skin type and the care regimen for taking care of it
  • Remove dead skin cells and lighten your skin
  • Remove tan lines and avoid dull looking skin
  • Hydration helps in repairing the moisture levels in the skin
  • Improve blood circulation for a healthy-looking skin
  • Get professional skin care solutions for you
  • Relax from the monotony of everyday life

Gone are the days when facials meant getting some creams applied to your face. Today, at the best pearl facial for oily skin in Hotel Raj Park, Chennai, we provide personalized services that are customized for each customer and address their concerns. If you haven’t thought about getting a facial for yourself, it is time to book your appointment now!