Here’s how to care for color treated hair.

Here’s how to care for color treated hair.

Colour Treatment In A Hair Color Salon- An Overview

Hair coloring, in simple words, is the process of changing the natural color of your hair to something new as per your wish. People opt for hair coloring to cover up grey or white hair or to create a unique look. “Hair coloring will go in vain if proper hair care is not done during and after the treatment”- says a leading hairstylist in the best hair salon in Chennai. Creative colors take a considerable amount of time to be applied perfectly. Multiple colors like the rainbow ombre style is a serious effort in terms of money, time and the maintenance.

Hair coloring is available in two types- Temporary hair coloring and permanent hair coloring.

  • Temporary hair coloring-In this process dyes are deposited on the outer part of the hair. The color molecules get into the hair shaft and form larger complexes thereby coloring the hair. Temporary hair colors do not usually contain ammonia. These colors eventually fade with washing and shampooing revealing the actual color of your hair over the course of time.
  • Permanent hair coloring-Permanent hair coloring works in two steps; at first, the actual color of the hair is removed, and then the new color is applied onto the hair. The cuticle of the hair shaft is opened using ammonia-containing products so that the dye penetrates into the inner cortex of the hair as well.

A Few Tips For Hair-Care After A Coloring Hair Treatment

Be it a temporary hair color treatment or a permanent one; hair color treatments affect the natural texture of the hair. The color may also fade out if care is not taken. So proper maintenance of hair is mandatory to keep your hair healthy, shiny and to retain the color in its full liveliness. Here are a few guidelines to help you out!

  • Sealing the color is a must- After dying the hair, the dye has to be sealed onto the hair shaft. So, make sure your hair stylist runs your hair through a flat iron once your hair is dry after the dye application.
  • Don’t rush to wash- You should not wash your hair immediately after hair coloring. You have to wait for a minimum period of forty-eight hours before you wash your hair with water. The longer you wait before washing, the better it is for the color to last.
  • Be gentle on your colored hair -Say bye to discordant chemical-containing soaps and shampoos. Use gentle shampoos which are specially manufactured for color-treated hair.
  • Limit your hair washing frequency – The more you wash your hair, the more easily the color grows faint. So, reduce the frequency of hair washes to two or three times a week.
  • Always use cold water to wash -Hot water is not good for washing your hair as it dries out the hair follicles. Regular washing in hot water would dislodge your hair color within a very short time. So make sure you wash your hair only in cold water.
  • Use conditioning products which are moisturising in nature-Colored hair has a natural tendency to appear parched and rough. So, it has to be fostered more using right conditioning products. Use products which moisturises and keep your hair healthy.
  • Get touch ups done -It is quite natural that however perfectly the color treatment is done, the color becomes dim as time passes. So regular re-dying once in a month is recommended by the expert hair colorists and hair treatment. Too much frequent recoloring is also not good for your hair.

Go for hair coloring only in a professional hair color salon!

There is nothing to beat the experience and skills possessed by professionals. Though many hair coloring products which can be applied at home by yourselves are available in the market, it is always wise to utilize the assistance of a professional colorist, especially when doing it for the first time. Choosing to do hair coloring on your own without proper knowledge or giving your hair into wrong hands may make your venture a disaster, forcing you to lock up inside your home. Professionals possess expert knowledge about various styles and the right products thereby ensuring that your hair shines impeccably in its new color!


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