Hairstyles for Various Occasions

Hairstyles for Various Occasions

Hairstyling Suggestions By Expert Hair Stylists In Chennai

A feature which adds beauty to a woman is her hair. The style of her hair says a lot about the personality of a lady. Hairstyle plays a very important role in your overall appearance; a change in hairstyle can bring a totally different look to your face. Here are some excellent hairstyles suggested by the stylists at the best hair salon in Chennai. Some of you might be frequently trying out new hairstyles, but some may be sticking on to one boring hairstyle all the time. This post is meant for both the types. The former ones may get some new ideas, and the latter on es would definitely get inspired to try something different!

Here are a few hairstyles which you can try out! Go on and learn how to weave magic in your hair!

  • Fine waves– Simple and smooth wavy hairstyle is excellent for a casual outing. You do not need a stylist to get this done. First, make your hair a little wet and tie it into a ponytail. Twist the hair and fix it using hairpins, then blow dry your hair taking breaks in between. After that, untie the ponytail and apply some serum on to your fingers and run in a curly fashion over your hair. Beautiful waves are all set!
  • Normal bun -This is the easiest yet classy hairstyle that you can follow when you have to get out really quick. You just need a hairband, and it does not matter if your hair is a bit messy in the bun. You can use accessories if required and if you have time. This hairstyle gives a voluminous look to your hair without too much effort.
  • Bun with braids– If you have a formal function to attend and do not have much time to spend on your hair, then braided bun suits you the best. Tie up your hair in a ponytail using an elastic band. Braid your hair and after that wrapped it around the elastic band. Fix it using pins.
  •  Updo and a scarf – Tie your hair up with a scarf and let the ends of the scarf hang down freely. Use a scarf matching with your dress for the perfect look!
  • Bangs falling on the forehead and the sides – If you have a long neck and a small face, make short bangs of hair fall on your forehead and on both sides of your face till your shoulders.
  • Ponytail on a side – Tying your hair in a ponytail on one side is a simple and beautiful hairstyle.

Hairstyles For Your Special Day From Wedding Hairstylists

For special occasions like weddings, you need not go for something which is very simple. You are going to be the centre of attention, and hence you have to be at your best. Here are a few bridal hairstyle suggestions!

      • Braided hair with puff and decorated with flowers – This is a traditional style with a slight twist. This style goes perfectly with a traditional outfit.
      • Flowing curls and head accessories – Curly hair left loose with a bold head jewel matches well with lehengas, cholis, etc. Flowing curls style is chosen by many for their reception-says an expert bridal hair stylist in alwarpet.
      • Centre-parted hair twisted on sides – Just above your forehead, part your hair in the centre and comb them backwards slightly. Then twist your hair outwards and secure it with pins at the back of your head. Rest of the hair can be tied into a bun. This style blends well with flowing sarees.
      • Braided and high bun – Braid your hair and tie it up in the form of a bun. Decorate it with flowers or accessories. This is a very comfortable style and is used in common by brides wearing veils.

Check Out The Best Hair Salon In Chennai!

So, now you need not go with same old hairstyle anymore! You can choose different hairstyles for different occasions from those shared above. During very special occasions such as your marriage, it would be best to seek professional help! Your wedding hairstyle need to be exceptionally beautiful, and it has to stay intact for a long time; so try to get it done by an expert bridal hair stylist in the best salon near you!

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