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Your trusted chiropodist and best foot & nail spa in Egmore, Chennai

Did you know that your nails are the most neglected parts of your body? White spots on nails, discoloured nails and fungal infection on toes are matters that you need to look into. Chipped nails are often a sign of neglect and there are several types of manicures for short nails.

Whether it is a social occasion or your regular beauty regime, ensure that nail care is not compromised. The purpose of nail care is to protect your fingers and toes from daily dust and grime. It is often viewed by many as a reflection of an individual’s sense of personal hygiene.

Are there suggestions for best salon for French nail, manicure & pedicure in Egmore, Chennai?

Welcome to River Hair Studio, one of the highly trusted spa and nail salon in Egmore, Chennai. Our team of practitioners will chalk out a nail care routine based on your requirements. Your hands and feet are exfoliated to remove dead cells and skin. Next, your nails are trimmed, filed and buffed to give them a perfect shape.

After soaking your nails in warm water, cuticles are trimmed and pushed back using an orange stick. After drying, we apply a base coat, paint the tips with white polish while you choose your favourite nail colour. We use clean and sanitised nail instruments to ensure complete hygiene.

Cracked heels and unkempt nails are the last things you should be sighted with. If it’s a girl’s night out, head to the nearest salon in your locality and pamper your feet. Nail care spa hours are conveniently fixed to accommodate your busy schedule.

Which is the best nail salon near me in Egmore, Chennai?

Our name is synonymous with quality. At River Hair Studio, you can find a range of nail care services to help you step out in confidence. New brides can look through our cost-effective features and treat your nails for some good work.

Wear those flip flops or sandals, and show the world what it means to stand out confident. Book an appointment with best spa manicure and pedicure near me in Egmore, Chennai to avoid the rush.

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