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What are the options for hair regrowth treatment in Egmore, Chennai?

If you are looking for hair restoration for men, drop by River Hair Studio. We have the perfect ambiance to drive your stress away, while experienced staff assesses your problem. You can personalise your hair care treatment and choose packages that suit you best.

Our hair spa treatment promotes the growth of hair and adds life to dull hair. This procedure helps your tresses bounce back to its previous glory. Through a relaxing hair studio, you can combat dandruff and hair fall in parallel.

If you feel your tresses look like dried-out weeds, try out our treatment that increases the strength of each hair follicle. You earn benefits like increase in cell metabolism and blood circulation, repair of damaged hair and restoration of essential oils.

 Precautions after hair spa include:

  • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner when rinsing hair.
  • Try and avoid hot water when washing hair. It is one of the primary causes of hair fall.
  • Avoid combing wet hair, and use a wide toothed comb to free untangled hair.
  • Avoid extensive usage of harsh chemicals and carry an umbrella when out in the sun.

Safe hair loss treatment in Egmore, Chennai

A crowning glory is every individual’s pride. For a woman, those long tresses add elegance to her feminine side. Men too, take pride in styling their hair and try out various products to add sheen to hair. With the increase in pollution level, intake of junk food, erratic work schedules, and health issues, hair loss is inevitable these days.

The good news is that hair fall can be treated with medical advances coupled with the right choice of a hair salon. At River Hair Studio, there are different types of salon hair treatments available at cost-effective prices.

Effective treatment for hair loss in Egmore, Chennai

Is there hair loss treatment for women? At River Hair Studio, our carefully researched hair fall treatments are suited for men and women. Drop by our spa, and we take care of all “mane” issues.

Whether you are here to seek solutions for hair loss or looking for ways to style your hair for the date tonight, we assure you of the best and quality services.

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