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Foot Reflexology Techniques To The Rescue!

October 12, 2020

Foot Reflexology Techniques To The Rescue!

The term reflexology refers to the process of application of pressure to different reflexes or zones on the top(dorsal) and sole(plantar) parts of the foot. Each of the reflex points is believed to a corresponding part of the body. Thus, by stimulating the reflex point of the foot, the part of the body corresponding to it is also stimulated. Try finding an exclusive foot reflexology massaging centre near your area who practises these reflexology techniques professionally. Most of the professional practitioners who practise reflexology methods claim that it can help in reducing tensions, boost lymph circulation, blood circulation, and also aid in the healing process of the body. It can help in activating the immune responses of the body, soothing inflammations, providing relief to chronic diseases and reducing stress elements.

Try Reflexology Treatment, And You Are Sure To Be Awed By Its Benefits

Many exclusive spas offer great spa packages in Chennai. They offer various reflexology techniques according to the needs of the customer and helps in soothing body pains, mental agonies and stress elements. It also gives you a well-deserved break from the hectic work schedules. Here are some of the most popular reflexology techniques of the foot:

  • The Original Ingham Method- Reflexology was first discovered by a nurse named Eunice.D.Ingham. She was the one who coined the term reflexology and discovered the various possibilities of it. After her death, the legacy was carried over by her nephew and niece. The original Ingham method mainly focusses on the reflex points discovered by Ingham herself. It involves ‘walking’ method using the edge portion of the thumb of fingers on the stressed area and also ‘pinpointing’ the smaller reflexes of the body using the tip of the thumb. This method does not use any oils or creams. Maybe a bit of powder can be used.
  • Vertical Reflex Therapy- It is always better to go to one of the best spa centres in Chennai and try this soothing therapy as the real benefits of this method can only be achieved when done by professionals. This technique is believed to be much more effective and fast than the traditional technique. Here, the feet which bear the weight is much more sensitised and not the relaxed and less weight bearing feet. The hands of the patient are also treated by placing it freely on a flat area.

Opt For A Reflexology Massage In Chennai And See The Positive Results

There are many techniques of foot reflexology available in professional spa centres. Another famous technique is the gentle touch method. As the name itself suggests, this involves much lighter and softer touches. The feet are usually worked on alternately and not in a consecutive fashion. It helps the body to maintain its balance. It is also a great spiritual reliever of the soul. Other famous techniques are the precision method, hot stone method, rwo shur method and Ayurvedic reflexology method.

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