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Dressing Norms for Spas in India

February 4, 2021

So, you’ve finally booked your first appointment at Riverday, the Best Spa and Massage in Chennai for a day to lie back and try a New Spa treatment. Although you are eagerly looking forward to the day of complete relaxation, you must be equally nervous about many things, the primary being what level of undressing would be required. Since we Indians are a modest lot and still hold on to our conservative thoughts, many of us cannot still come to terms with the thought of removing our clothes before a stranger. All this uncertainty can make us entirely skip the Spa session even if we are getting the treatment at the Best Spa and Massage in Chennai.

The Indian Spa Wellness Industry has evolved from a nascent unstructured group in the 90s to a comprehensive well-established ecosystem today. Despite this growth, the questions regarding the dress code for a Spa Treatment remain largely unanswered or spoken in hush-hush tones even at many of the best Spa and Massage Centers in Chennai. This ambiguity can lead to several wrong ideas like a Spa Treatment means being fully nude. This can, in turn, hinder potential customers to book a treatment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai and around.

To avoid turning your appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai into a disaster it is necessary to know the permissible clothing Norm for an Indian Spa.

Most of the Best Spa and Massage Centers in Chennai will offer complimentary bathrobes, towels, appropriate footwear and disposable undergarments.

However to avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation Book an appointment at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai and call us to know what complimentary items will be provided prior to your treatment. Don’t Hold Back, our staff can guide you about any questions regarding the dress code at our Spa.

Although a Spa treatment immediately brings the picture of someone with bare skin under a folded sheet, the extent of nudity however depends on the kind of treatment you are getting, what you want and the Spa’s policies.

Most of the Best Spa and Massage Centers in Bangalore require you to remove your clothes. You can wear your own Undergarments or disposable undergarments. The therapists at these Centers will tell you the options and what’s expected but do remember you will never be forced to do something you are not comfortable with. The therapists usually leave the room so that you can undress and lie on the table under the sheets. Throughout the Spa sessions, you will be covered by sheets or towels. Only that area that needs work on will be exposed or kept naked. The treated areas will be covered before the therapist begins to work elsewhere on the body.

Keep in Mind that Never will your Private Areas be exposed. And even when you turn over, the therapist will hold up the blankets so that they cannot see you while you are uncovered. 

If you are using the Steam or Sauna Area you can wear a towel or a swimsuit. You can use the shower room to change your clothes.

Riverday, the Spa and Massage Center in Chennai follows all the above guidelines with regard to clothing. The therapists and management are given adequate training on how to convey to the customers effectively and professionally the policies of the Spa.

If you are nervous let the therapists know. It is your day at Riverday Spa and our Staff at the Best Spa and Massage Centers in Chennai will give you special attention and more personal space if you need it. No Embarrassment, No Awkwardness, we will respect your privacy.

Hope the above tips have removed some of your fears. So, book an appointment with Riverday Spa and Massage Center in Chennai now.

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