Deep Tissue Massage with Professional Spa in Chennai

Massage therapy is an age old method used to reduce physical as well as psychological stress. It has been in use to treat many conditions like arthritis, back pain, anxiety etc.

Deep tissue massage is one of the most sought after massages with numerous health benefits. It reduces pain and discomfort caused to the tissues as well as increases the body’s ability to recover from ailments. When you ask for a deep tissue massage at a massage parlour in chennai, you can be sure that you will be able to relax your muscles and release the tension from them. The massage experts in the parlor know exactly how to lengthen and release muscles and prevent them from feeling tense.

Let’s understand what exactly a deep tissue massage is

Deep tissue massage is done slowly and firmly to allow manipulation of all the deep layers of tissue existing in your body. This includes the fascia as well as other supportive tissue making up muscles and the joints.

When you go to a spa in Chennai or any other place to receive a deep tissue massage, you will be asked to lay on your stomach or back. The therapist begins to apply deep pressure to the targeted points in your body. This enables blood stimulation and relieves the muscle tension. Stress levels are reduced and happy hormones, namely oxytocin and serotonin are released.

Normally people opt for this kind of massage when they need to focus on the major muscle groups like the neck, lower back.,hips,shoulders etc.these areas tend to get tensed in times of stress causing additional discomfort .

Deep tissue massage at chennai

  • For chronic back pain – Deep tissue massage is very effective in the treatment of chronic back pain. Oblique pressure is combined with lengthening as well as cross fiber strokes. This is the secret to the relieving tension from the muscles. The pressure that he applies during this session is more intense, without using any massage oil or lotion.
  • Lower high blood pressure – Deep tissue massage had positive effects on systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure readings in adults with firmer massages with more pressure can result in a significant reduction
  • Reduces Muscle Tension, Stress, Anxiety – Deep tissue massage therapy will help to lower cortisol levels in the body and also promote the production of oxytocin. This hormone relaxes the body with its soothing effects. The natural stress-relieving powers of a deep tissue massage helps to dilate the blood vessels and lower the activity of the limbic system. As a result of the massage, the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system increases, heart rate is improved and blood pressure is regulated.
  • Breaking up scar tissue – A deep tissue massage can help to break up the newly forming scar tissue which makes recovery of a patient more difficult leading to stiffness. Muscles spasms and inflammation are also reduced to a great extent. The muscles loosen up and allow more oxygen to circulate.
  • Aids in athletic recovery  – A deep tissue massage will do wonders when administrated just before athletic events. The body is warmed and injuries can be prevented. In case of any injury, the athlete can be will have a faster recovery, improves lactate clearance, prevent muscle fatigue and also delay the onset of muscle soreness. In addition to this, there are many psychological benefits as well. A massage will assure improved confidence as well as increased focus.
  • Helps relieve labor pain – You may never have thought that a deep tissue massage will be beneficial to pregnant women. It is very effective in lowering anxiety and decreasing depression. Women who received a massage prior to labor experienced lower levels of pain. These women also needed only less medication as their muscles were more relaxed. Risk for premature delivery was also decreased.
  • Reducing arthritis – Deep tissue massages are also good for relieving symptoms of arthritis like pain, anxiety, stiffness, limited motion in joints as well as trouble sleeping.

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Best way to Relax with massage centre in Chennai

Overall experiencing a Deep Tissue Massage therapy will always benefit you and help you relax. These firmer massages using more pressure results in significant improvement of health and relaxation. It is highly recommended that you try and experience this massage at least once to see the difference it makes.

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