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Couple’s Massage! What’s So Special?

May 22, 2018

Couple’s Massage! What’s So Special

If it is your marriage anniversary or Valentine’s Day and you want to surprise your loved one with something unique, then a couple’s massage in chennai is one of the best things you can do. Forget the flowers and chocolates; this body massage will be relaxing and refreshing. Moreover, you get to pamper yourself and your Chéri/Chérie with soothing music and quality time that will strengthen your relationship.

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What exactly is a Couple’s Spa Massage? Why is it Popular in Chennai?

Massage sessions are conducted for couples at the same time. Massage therapists for the couple carry out the procedure in the same room but on different tables. It has become popular in Chennai where couples hardly find time for each other in the rat race. However, not all best spas in Chennai offer the best couple massage spa. Only the best luxury Spas in Chennai have the arsenal for this. The therapy is just like any other massage session, but the only variation is that instead of being alone your significant other will be right next to you. You can spend time together, relax and get refreshed together.

Why Couples massage is Popular in Chennai?

Re-bonding: Work and fulfilling family obligations leave little time for the couple with each other. Weekends are spent doing household chores and weekdays are dedicated to working, so couples find themselves stressed and overworked. The time together in couples spa in Chennai is looked at more as an activity that they can do together. This helps couples re-bond with each other while their muscles relax and the mind is free from stress. This one-hour session can become the energy-boost that helps carry on the mundane work without any complaints.

Increases love: When your mind and body are relaxed you are in a better mood. A massage in the best spa in Chennai is the best way to relax. As the muscles relax, Oxytocin is released. The release of this cuddle chemical in your and your partner’s body will result in both feeling happy, calm and rekindle love emotions during and after the therapy.

Relieves stress:

  • Couples who have undertaken the massage, have stated that they feel l
  • ess stressed; are able to connect & interact more with their partner than ever before.
  • The reason is that during a massage, dopamine and serotonin are released by the body which helps in calming the brain and reducing stress levels. When doing it together the connect is more between the two.

Has similar benefits that other massages offer: Apart from being a relationship builder, couple massage provides all the health benefits that a typical massage offers, provided you get it done at the right place. A therapeutic massage got from the best body massage centre in Chennai aids in better blood circulation, increases healing, improves immunity and relaxes the muscles which are strained due to overwork and anxiety of daily routine work. The result is better health condition physically and mentally which further helps in building a stronger relationship.

What is the procedure involved in a Couple massage?

Couple’s massage is carried out in a private room with massage tables set side by side. Two therapists will work on each individual simultaneously. Those couples who want to make it extra special can opt for a full-service spa where they will have special access to showers, hot tubs, etc.

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