If you have decided to rejuvenate yourself by taking a full body massage in Coimbatore, you have taken the best decision. Body massage relaxes and refreshes the person’s mind, soul and body. It gives you an extraordinary sense of refreshment during and after the session. It is recommended to search and get the services from one of the top massage centers in Coimbatore.

How The Professionals offering Body Massage in Coimbatore Prepares their Client for First Massage?

White Lighted massage room in River Day SpaYou may be new or first time to acquire this service. Well, you do not have to worry or wonder how to get ready for the massage session. When you approach a leading bod massage center in Coimbatore, they would give you all the instructions and you just have to follow what they say. There is nothing to feel nervous or scared before the massage. If you obtain their services once, you will get the confidence to get their services whenever you feel tired.

Before the Massage:

It is important to find out the timings of the massage. It is best to get a massage before food or after 3 hours of consumption of food. It is not recommended to take a massage service immediately after eating food. If you are ill, taking medications or have skin irritations, you need to inform the therapist. You can either postpone or reschedule your visit. You need to take plenty of water and remain hydrated before the massage. It is best to avoid snacks or oily food items prior to the massage session.

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Health Review:

Before starting the massage, the therapist will ask some questions regarding your health history. They would ask about your previous medical conditions and areas where you are experiencing pain in your body. After getting a full report about your body, they would decide the perfect massage technique. A massage can influence several systems in your body like the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. It is important to inform them about the medication you are taking. You need to inform even if you are taking blood pressure or diabetes medication. The complete review would finalize whether you are eligible for a body massage or not.

During the Massage:

If you have opted for the 60-minutes or 90-minutes massage at the best spa in Coimbatore, you have to know about the treatment you are going to undergo. Have a clear mind and stay relaxed. Do not panic.


There is no need to rush or walk inside and outside of the massage center. Place your dress in the locker and wear the given massage outfit. Get yourself accustomed to the spa environment.


Drink a glass of hot tea. It soothes your mind and body. It also warms your body and prepares for detoxing.


River Day Spa - Spa Massage Room in CoimbatoreEnsure to remain completely relaxed when you in the massage room. In some massage centers, there would be a small sitting room for relaxation. You can soak your body by taking a bath in the mineral pool. Fresh air, sauna, and relaxing music can soothe your mind and body in the best way.


Ask the therapist to start the massage and deeply enjoy each and every movement. Slowly breathe in and out by closing your eyes. You can feel of a lot of differences by lying and breathing after the massage. You would feel fresh and relaxed.

Close your eyes:

It is best to close your eyes during the massage. If you keep your eyes open, your brain remains alert and focuses on the external environment. You would not receive therapeutic benefits. You need to slow down and focus inward especially during the massage.

After the massage:

Drink lots of water. It helps to detoxify your body and nourishes your skin. Water helps the kidneys and other processes to travel along the body on a sustained basis. When you drink more and more water, your body can easily flush out all the harmful toxins. Drinking water before and after the massage helps in a great way. It also reduces the soreness after the massage. Pain and soreness are caused when the body and muscles are dehydrated. By drinking water, the muscles get hydrated and relieve your discomfort.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special health considerations for certain treatments?

If you have health issues including high blood pressure, you need to take up the health assessment so that therapists will advise if you should avoid some Spa therapies.

What is the difference between Thai massage and regular massage?

Deep tissue and Swedish massage therapies are done on top of a massage table. But in Thai massage, the therapist asks you to lie down on the floor and he or she moves around the table.

What to Expect after a Massage?

After a Balinese Massage therapy, your body will experience improved blood circulation and will release the toxin build-up in your body. If you feel sore, then you can take a ice pack or Epsom salt bath.

Can Foot reflexology help sciatica?

Reflexology offers many advantages to those who suffer from sciatica. It treats pain effectively and rectifies the irritation or compression on the sciatic nerve.

Do toxins leave your body after a massage?

Deep Tissue Massage can help in the removal of toxins from the body and gives relief from symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue and headaches.

What is Shirodhara good for?

Shirodhara is an amazing Ayurvedic Massage treatment for a compromised nervous system. Shirodhara helps relieve symptoms of stress, hypertension, fatigue and anxiety. It also relieves fear, worry, tension and depression. It regulates the mood and gives a feeling of relaxation.

Which scrub is good for dry skin?

For dry skin, you can use chocolate Body Scrub as it provides nourishment, promotes skin glow, protects skin from drying and prevents sunburn. Also, it acts as an excellent skin detoxifier.

What is in The Body Wrap Solution?

The body wrap solution formula is kept secretive. It is said that the solution comprises food grade inorganic minerals as well as distilled water and these can be taken internally.

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