Foot Reflexology – Wellness through Natural Therapy

No humans would deny a good foot massage. Not just in the present but the same has been the case since ancestral times over 5000 years ago where rubbing of each others feet was part of life. Thus the Europeans in late 1800 introduced Foot Reflexology. The method allows the masseur to apply pressure on the feet, which in turn brings about positive changes to the body. Every pressure point in the feet is associated with 12 vital organs in the body and its functionality, thus the pressure intensity will depend on which system requires more attention. Applying pressure on these points in the feet acquires better functionality of the organs in the body.

Foot Reflexology is considered as one of the oldest forms of massages in all the different Wellness therapies found. A relaxing foot massage helps reduce stress and tension from almost all parts of the body with the help of fingers, thumbs and hands.

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Methodology used Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology Massage lasts between 30-60 minutes. Before the process is initiated, a form consisting of all details regarding health and the history needs to be submitted. This form will help gauge what therapy method can be used. First the footwear needs to be removed and the therapist conducts a check on the points having the most stress and areas that are tender. Using fast movements the hands and feet are warmed. Following this the fingers and thumb aid in applying pressure on those pressure points that require attention.

Lotions and Essential oils can also be used along with equipment such as brushes, dowels and balls. These instruments help relieve pain, increase blood flow and helps injuries heal faster. Overall they provide one with complete rejuvenation.

Benefits achieved through Foot Reflexology

The feet are the most tortured when compared to all other parts of the body due to excessive standing, walking, running etc. The amount of stress it goes through is high and intense. Welfare of health commences from feet moving up, believes reflexologist. Hence achieving some good benefits out of a relaxed foot reflexology becomes vital. Although there aren’t proven facts on what goodness a foot treatment can bring, reflexologists believe that they can help with curing or helping the following medical conditions.

  • Cure small ailments and cold
  • Avoid and cure certain diseases
  • Elevate energy levels
  • Reduces tension, nervousness and pain
  • Increases blood flow and distribution in lymph
  • Stops worsen injuries
  • Reduces pain caused due to Chemotherapy
  • Kindle pursuit of internal organs
  • Acts as a successful healing for constipation, acute headaches, liver dysfunction, IBS and allergies in skin
  • Pregnant women feel a relief in pressure on their feet.

The above said benefits are felt very much physically and also helps improve intellectual and poignant state of mind. A person experiencing any kind of heart problems is highly reduced with the help of a good Foot Reflexology.

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