Body Wrap- A Perfect Spa Treatment For Your Skin

At Riverday spa Coimbatore, a luxurious spa center, we offer you body wrap, a unique spa procedure performed by experienced and trained professionals. We have expanded our body wrap services to our other branches in Coimbatore, Tirupur, etc.. There are several benefits that you can enjoy with body wrap spa services of Riverday Spa. We make use of natural and non-toxic ingredients when providing bodywrap services in our body massage center in Coimbatore. The ingredients used in the body wrap helps to detox and tone your skin. The following are some of the things that you should know about body wrap spa treatment done in various body wrap centers of RiverDay Spa.

Spa therapy for young woman receiving cosmetic mask on back at beauty salon

Benefits Of Body Wrap

You can experience the following benefits of body wrap when you do them under the supervision of experienced therapists of Riverday Spa in Chennai, Coimbatore, etc.

Aids In Weight Loss: Slimming body wraps of Riverday spa is quite popular among our clients. It helps in reducing your body weight by tightening your skin. Thus one can lose some pounds of weight when performing this spa procedure under the supervision of our professional therapists.

Exfoliates Your Skin: At Riverday Spa, we start the start body wrap treatment by performing body scrub. This removes the dead cell and makes your skin feel refreshed. Thus our body wrap service moisturizes your skin, leaving it smooth and youthful.

Hydrates Your Skin: The ingredients used by us in the body wrap procedure leaves your skin hydrated. Thus you can witness your skin glow and look beautiful Detoxification: Body wrap exfoliates your skin and leaves the pores open. This helps to flush out the toxins in your body.

We proudly offer luxurious face and body care treatments by the world’s top professional skincare brands.

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List of Body Wraps Spa Treatment At Coimbatore Spa Centre

Chocolate Wrap

This wrap offered in our spa center regenerates your body and smoothen your skin. Chocolate is said to possess specific healing properties, which keeps your skin healthy.

Therapist in Riverdayspa applying chocolate wrap on a young woman's face

Coffee Wrap

Coffee is a relaxing and rejuvenating element that replenishes your skin. Your body gets pampered with this body wrap treatment offered by specialised spa therapists 

Coffee Body Wrap Massage in River Day Spa

Mango Wrap

The vitamins and enzymes present in the mango fruit help in nourishing the skin. Go for mango wrap spa service for radiant looking skin in the nearest Riverday spa center.

Massage Therapist in Riverdayspa applying mango body wrap to a client

Papaya Wrap

This wrap moisturizes your skin and makes it look soft.  Try our Papaya body wrap treatment and enjoy the beautiful glowing skin.

Young woman having papaya facial at Riverdayspa massage centre

Raspberry Wrap

This a rejuvenating body wrap of Riverday spa that keeps your skin hydrated. Raspberry body wraps gives a better skin tone and leaves your refreshed.

Raspberry body wrap for skin care treatment
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