Abhyanga – Rejuvenation Through Ayurveda

An embedded part in living a healthy lifestyle is Ayurvedic massage, also called as Abhyanga. In this rejuvenating process we use therapeutic oils that are smeared in the body and kneaded. Abhyanga helps with removal of unwanted toxins and in turn reducing tension levels in your body during the progression of the therapy. Ayurvedic massage helps in betterment of your body’s blood circulation and enhances endurances all day long. Every bone joint is lubricated, muscles achieve increased intensity and shape and helps better brain activity. An experienced therapist allows the oil to infiltrate deep into your skin through the movements while kneading. Diverse massage strokes such as bodywork, gliding and elongating are used that are considered holistic.

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Ayurvedic Massage Benefits

The following are the advantages of getting an Ayurvedic Massage

  • Removes toxins from the body and relieves stress.
  • Makes skin very agile
  • Toning and Strengthening of Muscles are attained.
  • Body achieves complete rejuvenation along with removal of cellulites.
  • Body feels very tranquil and stable as an end result.

A Massage at River Day Spa

In Ayurvedic Massage, the body undergoes methods like kneading, strokes, pressing and beating with the right amount of pressure to ignite the important points in our body called the Marma. Every massage needs to be carefully approached by either to relieve pain from a specific part of the body or as a whole for relaxation.

At River Day Spa, our methodology towards Ayurvedic massage is conventional, tested and verified. Two experienced therapists work with a customer at one time so as to bring out the best result. All therapeutic oils used are uniquely sourced and prepared with our ingredients in a pure way and with very high quality. We make sure that the therapist is the same gender as that of the customer. Overall, every customer will experience a session of complete helping the body to relieve stress and calm the mind.

Ayurvedic Massage Admissibility

  • Stated below are people who are admissible for an Ayurvedic Massage Treatment
  • Massage is permissible only for adults 18 and above and below 60 years old.
  • Women who have their menstrual cycle are not allowed to have a massage as it causes extra strain to the body during the time of month.
  • As a protection to the fetus and the mother carrying the child, it is important not to have a massage when women are pregnant.
  • While having viral infections such as fever, flu, chills, etc., massage is prohibited.
  • Individuals in gastrointestinal and heartburn distress are not allowed to take a massage.
  • If any body part is swollen or hurt with skin wounds are stopped from having a massage.

Professional massage therapist in Riverdayspa Chennai giving balinese body massage treatment to a young woman

Procedural Ayurvedic Massage

The Massage room is filled with soothing music and aroma of essential oil spread using burnt oil dispensers. This takes the message to a whole new level helping the body to have a revitalizing effect. The customers are asked to lie on a wooden plank or table. Two trained therapists usually do the massage simultaneously, which lasts for about 40 – 45 minutes. They are overlooked and supervised by an Ayurvedic physician. Depending on the age and health condition of the person, the pressure of each stroke depends. It is important to treat the Body, mind and soul to help balance themselves between each other.

Every motion is set to a certain rhythm to relax strained muscles and remove toxins from the joints. Blood circulation is improved, metabolic rate increases, fatigue, arthritis, stress, injuries, depression, etc.are all cured. A hot steam bath after the massage helps the oil soak in more through the skin creating a good nourishment to the whole body.

Ayurvedic massage provides future benefits harmonizing the energies between the body and mind. The physique feels energized and peaceful the whole day. There are no negative outcomes to the body and is completely harmless.

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