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Spa-the name itself brings to our mind pampered luxury and a relaxed languor. Few hours of  relaxation away from the stresses of life is often necessary to soothe the body, mind, and soul. SPA is an acronym for a Roman phrase-Senus Per Aquam or healing through water. It was originally meant for providing relief to the soldiers who were injured in battles to take away from them, their aches and pains. Now, it is popular among all. Almost all the major cities of the world there are innumerable places where people can go for a spa. Porur, being a metropolitan city, is also not an exception; Body massage in Porur are extremely popular.

With increasing stress and mounting tension, it is essential that the body has to be detoxified at regular intervals. Spas give an opportunity to de-stress and relieve the body and the mind from the daily pressures of life.

Lady getting massage by a professional therapist at a spa in egmore

Reasons For Visiting A Spa 

There are many reasons which can tempt a person for his or her visit to a spa. It can be for relieving stress, for losing weight, for getting in shape or just for treating oneself. There are definitely many beauty benefits, which one gets after visiting a spa. By paying regular visit to the spa , one can quick start a healthy life and recharge himself.

Reducing stress and relax 

Stress cannot be avoided in our daily life. But, we can get relief from it by reducing its effects. A massage and other spa activities have healing effects to take us away from stress and other related ill effects. Just sitting under a shower of hot water, can provide us a lot of peace.

Relief from pains and aches

When you have muscular pain, migraine or chronic headaches, a simple massage can often be helpful to treat them. A session of the spa can improve the functioning of our circulatory system and reduce blood pressure. Aromatherapy and other kinds of massages can be immensely helpful in treating our conditions.

It nourishes our skin

We should always take good care of our skin. This will help us to look vibrant and healthy. Facial treatments help improve the facial texture and can fight with the after effects of aging. There are also different customized treatments which are meant for people with individual skin problems. A simple exfoliation can work wonders for the skin.

Getting a break

The main reason you can visit a spa is to get a break from the monotonous activities of life. This is a place where we can forget everything and get a wonderful session of self-indulgence. The spas are known for the tranquility they offer.

Spas - A General Picture

Spas are not just limited to an exclusive spa, meant for providing services to the clients. Some of the best hotels also have spa facilities for their guests. In fact having a spa inside the hotel is considered to be an important aspect of the hospitality provided by them. Most of the guests in the hotel often look out for spas and salons to make their visit even more comforting. The good hotels are often available with spas that offer the best services to the clients. People who visit them for a vacation also enjoy a lot when they get a spa to add to their relaxation. This is entirely a rejuvenation process where the senses get stimulated. For a newly married couple, spending some time in the spa is a nice way to make the unison more romantic. Services like waxing, body massage, hair seri, treatments, manicures, pedicures and a lot more are in offer.

Salon Locations

New No : 7A, Old No : 2/4,
1st Floor,
Tamil Salai, Egmore
Chennai – 600 008

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New No : 7A, Old No : 2/4,
1st Floor,
Tamil Salai, Egmore
Chennai – 600 008

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Door No-477, 15th Cross St,
Indra Nagar, Double Road,
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