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When you hear the word spa, images of pampering, facials, and extravagance pop in mind. There was a time when such opulence was accessible only to a few in Chennai. Today, with branches of River Day Spa dotting the entire city, spending a day to look and feel good is not that hard!

So, when the mood strikes to take a break and be spoilt with luxury in body, soul, and mind, one can simply step inside River Day Spa and get therapy. While it is as easy as it sounds, some considerations must be taken. Why? Because there are various types of spas and each one has its own specialty. Let’s take a look at some of the classes.

The most common is a Day Spa, like River Day. These are places that proffer treatments anytime during the day. A client can book them for just one therapy or a whole day. The treatments that are offered vary to a great degree ranging from sports massage to aromatherapy. To decide which one befits you, the friendly staff at River Day is at your beck and call!

The second type of spa is a destination which is meant to alter the lifestyle of a client into a healthy one. Most often, their treatments are connected healthier diet, exercise, and nutrition regimes. The patron has to stay in the spa for a few nights or longer to get treatment.

Spas For More Than Body Massage In Vadapalani

While River Day Spa is the go-to place for body massage in Vadapalani, when you are looking for an in-depth treatment of the skin or the body, then a medical spa will be more suited. Such spas have a doctor under whose supervision all therapies take place. Unlike River Day, which uses aromatic or essential oils, Medical Spas utilise medicated oils for treatments.

For a more natural treatment that works towards a cure, a mineral spring spa is the best choice. These wield thermal lakes, seawater, and other natural substances to cure the body of ailments. To get an experience of a mineral spa, a client will have to travel to the outskirts of Chennai.

The Qualities Of A Superb Spa In Chennai

Knowing the variety of spa available in Chennai and surrounding areas is just one side of the coin. As informed patrons, you should also be aware of what an excellent spa, like River Day, has to give you.

  • A spa is all about indulgence that works from within to without making the entire body better. Therefore, an excellent spa will work on more than just skin-deep beauty.
  • The cost of the service doesn’t define its quality. A skilled masseuse performs each therapy and treatment with full focus. The prices may differ because some therapies require more knowledge than others.
  • For those who want to bring a drastic change in their lifestyle like through Ayurvedic treatments will need more than one visit to the spa. To jump-start, a healthier life, dedication, and constant supervision are required which a few regular visits to the spa can tender.
  • There are a plethora of options on the offer. But remember, not every therapy is meant for every client. For example, a fitness enthusiast will be more suited to a deep tissue massage than a Balinese therapy.

The primary goal of a genuine spa is to augment the sense of well-being of a person, make them look and feel their best. At River Day Spa, we pledge to fulfil all of them while keeping your privacy in check and remaining professional at all times!

Massage therapy at River Day Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to the spa while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you should not take up Spa therapies that makes your body get too hot including hot tub, sauna and Jacuzzi. However, you can soak yourself in a tub of warm water as it is safe and relaxing.

What is Thai massage used for?

Thai Massage is useful in improving circulation, reducing stress, restoring balance, increasing the motion, increasing overall flexibility and boosting energy. It also speeds up recovery after an intensive workout session.

What is Balinese body palming?

Balinese body palming exists for centuries and bring out stimulation, clarity and relaxation. The energy of this technique is incorporated in any type of Balinese Massage therapy for the best results.

How Does it Benefit Health?

Foot Reflexology is a foot massage stimulating special acupressure points located on your feet. Notably, these points connect to every organ in your body. When these are stimulated, there will be numerous benefits such as improved circulation.

What conditions is deep tissue/sports massage used for?

Deep Tissue Massage is basically used to treat muscles, sport-related injuries and chronic pain. The sport massage is also used to reduce muscle tension, blood pressure and promote relaxation.

Are there any restrictions during an Ayurvedic treatment?

When you take up Ayurvedic Massage, you should not involve in running, brisk walking, jogging, swimming or other strenuous work or sports. You can go for a walk and listen to soothing music.

Is Body Scrub the same as body wash?

Both Body Scrub and body wash have different purposes and benefits. A body wash will cleanse the body whereas a scrub will exfoliate the body.

What does a body wrap do?

In a Body Wrap, strips of natural and herbal ingredients are wrapped around your body to detox your system. This procedure will decrease inches and cellulite and give your skin a tighter look.

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