Body massage center in Chennai - Balinese Massage at River Day SpaSpa centers are the place where you can relax and get yourself pampered with the various body massage treatments. In modern times, when people realize the importance of spa treatments, many have never been to a spa. If you are one among them, then this the best time to receive a spa therapy. But before going to a resort, you should know the several health benefits that spa care can provide to you.

The competition prevalent around the world has made people a lot busier than they used to be. The busy schedule increases the degree of stress to a large extent. To eliminate stress and relax after a hard working day, spa treatments can be the best solution. The varied range of therapies not only reduces your weight but also can cure the muscle and joint pain. Visit a luxury spa in Chennai that employs trained therapists who can well determine the areas that are more stresses and accordingly deliver their services.

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There are some factors that you need to consider before selecting a spa center for the desired therapies. Select a spa that not only delivers a wide range of services but also do not compromise on the quality of the products they use. There is some male to male massage centers that only offer hand and foot massage. If you want full body massage, then you should choose a salon that provides exceptionally high-quality services to their customers.

Clean and hygienic environments always attract a lot of customers. Rooms should be clean and germ-free to enhance the comfort level of every client. It is important to note that a well-organized salon can save a lot of time. Ensure that from the therapist to whom the appointment is allotted to the time taken in the sessions and the billing of every treatment is done systematically in the parlor that you choose.

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Many may still not want to invest in spa treatments. But once you acknowledge the multiple facilities and benefits that the massage centers provide, you will want to have frequent visits to spa centers. Body wraps are best for losing weight, but these techniques do not show results overnight. Spa deals in Porur have introduced a variety of body wraps which are mentioned below-

Young woman getting balinese body massage by a spa therapist
  • Algae wraps- the mineral agents used in algae wraps hydrate the skin and improve blood circulation along with the removal of toxin from the surface.
  • Mud wraps-the technique involves covering the customer’s body with mud that cleans the skin and makes it free form dead cells. This also trims extra inches from the body and makes it firm.
  • Herbal wraps- if you want a softer skin tone then herbal wraps can be very beneficial.
  • Clay wraps- clay wraps are similar to mud warps but use some extra herbs and oils in the process.
  • Seaweed wraps- it is the most organic type of body wrapping that provides similar benefits as mentioned above.
  • Cellulite treatment- the treatment helps you in getting physically strong by featuring a mixture of oils and herbs.
  • Compression wrap- the person receiving compression wrap is tightly tied with bandages that are soaked in clay, herbs, minerals and other organic components.

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The luxurious spa centers provide hot tub spa treatments that have proven to be excellent in matters of health benefit. Facilities like hot tub spa therapy reduce stress and help you sleep better. This curing provides not only physical relaxation but also mental relaxation. Thus, the people who are suffering from insomnia can enjoy hot tub treatment and get rid of sleepless nights.

A regular bathtub cannot give you the same experience as the hot bathtub. This is because when you soak your body in a regular tub, the water eventually cools down, but in a hot bath Jacuzzi, the water stays warm for a very long time. The heated spa treatment helps your body to secrete endorphins that reduced joint pain and cure sore muscles. This treatment is inexpensive as it can be taken without the help of a therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often one should visit SPA ?

There are many types of spas and each Spa has its own health benefits. The combination of massage, heat and buoyancy results in numerous benefits and relaxes your body and mind to a great extent.

How often should I receive Thai Massage?

If you are new to Thai Massage , you can determine the frequency based on the duration of the benefits. Some clients take the massage every week while some others take it up on a monthly basis.

Does Balinese massage hurt?

Usually, Balinese Massage is done vigorously with a firm pressure and focuses on relaxing your muscles and tissues. It is effective on strained muscles and painful joints.

Why Should You Visit Foot Reflexology Spa?

Self-massage is becoming popular but foot reflexology is different. Only a professional can work on the acu points related to a specific organ and help you reap the benefits.

How often should you get deep tissue massage?

Typically, once a week or twice is ideal for keeping muscle tissue flexible and in good condition. If you are suffering from chronic pain, weekly or even twice a week is advisable to make you feel better. When you feel good, at least once a month Deep Tissue Massage is recommended for the maintenance of your muscle tissue.

What is abhyanga Ayurvedic massage?

Abhyanga massage is the form of ayurvedic oil medicine that requires body massage with particular herb infused oils. The Abhyanga massage nourishes, relieves fatigue, pacifies doshas, improves stamina and complexion, promotes longevity and helps in better sleep.

What are the types of Services offered at our SPA ?

There are many types of Body Scrub services offered by spas. These include sea salt scrub, lemongrass scrub, fruit scrub, chocolate scrub and coffee scrub.

What are the benefits of body wraps?

Body Wraps are meant to improve the appearance and texture of skin and help get rid of excess toxins and fluids from your body. It includes detoxification, boosts metabolism, results in temporary inch loss and tightens skin.

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