No one ever said not to a bit of pampering, and it is a fact known universally that spa therapy is the best way to it! A spa session can not only give a much-needed break to a tired mind but also revive the body in a jiffy! For those who have not had their first spa experience, we recommend booking a session pronto and enjoying the serene environment and gentle hands.

But before you go diving into the world of spas in Chennai, here is a word of caution. Not every spa, like every other service, can offer top-notch service. There are some things you should look for in a luxury spa, like River Day in Nungambakkam.

The right spa is one that is recommended by family, friends, and previous clients. At River Day, we have the privilege of being one of the few spas in the neighbourhood spoken highly by every past and current patron. When you ask any of our previous visitors, they will always have a good word to say. Most of them found out the soothing aroma and serene environs a balm to the chaotic life of the bustling metropolis!

Body oil massage - River Day SPa

The primary objective of a spa is to pamper, relax, and de-stress a person. Ergo, the one thing to look out for in a luxury spa is how well their treatments work. With us, you will find a complete sense of wellbeing that is supported by harmonising energies. Our technicians indulge you in the therapy fully to ensure that all tension leaks away from the body!

A Clean, Professional Luxury Spa Near Nungambakkam

While finding a spa in Chennai is not hard, discovering one that follows absolute professional rules with the strictest hygiene is near impossible. These are two more elements any client should go searching for while looking for a luxury spa. At River Day, we follow both to the T. With little things like ensuring that the technician washes their hands right before and after a massage, sterilizing the beds, linens and other accessories, we keep cleanliness a priority.

For us, hygiene is one factor that is never compromised. We believe the minute a patron steps foot in our spa they should be immersed in a pure and spotless environment. When it comes to etiquettes and professionalism, we are not any less. Every technician, masseuse, and employee we have is trained in the art of handling patrons.

For first time visitors, we ask preferences in detail to ensure that the best therapy is chosen for them. For loyal clients, we keep everything in preparation beforehand. We keep the comfort of the patron as a top priority. Phones are turned off to ensure nothing disturbs the peace, and technicians are always happy to answer any queries. Lastly, we love to take any suggestions to improve our services.

Nungambakkam Luxury Spa That Is Truly Effective

Balinese Massage at spa center, Vellore

The last two factors that should be present in a truly luxury spa is privacy and effectiveness. The former is vital because not all clients are comfortable getting a massage in front of others. The latter is important because a good massage is meant to relieve aches and pains in the body. River Day Spa promises fulfilment of both.

With private and semi-private rooms, we guarantee that privacy is maintained. We even ask our patrons for a male or female masseuse preference. For couples’ therapy, we use side by side beds. Succinctly, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to discretion.

With trained technicians and expert masseuses in different therapy forms, we pledge effectiveness too. For example, our Ayurvedic massages are performed by skilled therapists who have ingrained knowledge in the field. The aroma massage therapy is done by technicians with the gentlest of hands to ensure first timers enjoy their treatment. And our deep tissue or sports massage treatment is given by qualified and proficient specialists.

In the Nungambakkam area, we are the only spa who put a tick mark on all the elements of a luxury spa. If you still have questions, feel free to book a session. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions to your heart’s content!

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