Many people are unaware of the interesting tie between Thai massage and yoga.  Both these ancient practices have remained popular and manage to stay relevant over the years. Experts believe that Thai massage was first introduced in the heart of Thailand by an Indian physician as a part of spiritual therapy. As time went by, Thai massage went onto become sought after all over the world.

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A Thai massage session involves a skilled therapist performing several yoga poses and stretches on the client’s body to release the strain and stress trapped in the muscles.  As the session proceeds, the client will be able to feel all pain sensations slowly ebb away from their body.  As the therapist proceeds to remove the energy blockades in your body with the help of different yoga poses, the energy will flow freely and enhance your mood better.

What The Best Thai Massage In Chennai Has In Common With Yoga:

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Both Thai Massage and Yoga work on the same principles. Yoga will have you getting twisted in different poses and helps you have a better connection with your surroundings, whereas Thai massage twists up your body, albeit in simpler ways and helps you get in touch with the energy flow within your body. Both these practices help your body to heal faster and have better immunity protection against plenty of ailments. A combination of both these techniques can help you have the best of both worlds and help improve your body’s physical fitness level at the same time.

Yoga generally involves plenty of breathing to be performed at specific stages of the asanas. Interestingly, Thai massages also involve exhaling and inhaling during specific yoga poses. Your therapist will guide you as to when to exhale and inhale during the massage session. This helps make each pose become more comfortable and improve the natural rhythm of your breath.

The entire principle of yoga lies in the union of the mind, body, and soul. The same way Thai massage is also about unifying your body and mind, however, you have a therapist to help you get there.  As the energy blockades get flushed out of your body during a massage in Chennai, you will be able to experience the release of all kinds of mental and physical stresses as your body arrives at a state of rest.

Difference between Thai massage and yoga

While these two ancient practices might seem similar in many ways, they do differ on a few pints, for e.g.:

  • You can practice yoga all on your own. However, that is impossible for a Thai massage session, as you will require the services of a seasoned therapist.
  • A massage is easier to get done as it doesn’t involve any strenuous effort on your part. However while doing yoga, you have to attempt to hold different poses on your own.
  • A Thai massage offers a quick fix, enabling you to schedule it whenever you are free. However, yoga requires a lot of patience and skill on your part to master it.


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