The Thai massage is an ancient practice that has been passed down through different generations over the years. It offers several benefits to your physical as well as mental wellbeing. Thai massages have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. While serious athletes recommend it for recovery from any injury, celebrities recommend it for the de-stress factor it offers. While Thai massages have plenty of benefits, they also help you stay flexible and have better blood circulation.

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Interesting Fact From Experts At Thai Massage Spa In Chennai

  •  The Origin of Thai Massage

The private physician of Buddha, Chivaka Komarapats is credited with inventing Thai Massage. He was a talented physician who managed to treat his patients efficiently with his exceptional skills in the field.

  •  Thai Massage and Yoga Connection

Thai massage makes use of yoga principles, and yoga poses to increase the blood circulation and flexibility of the client. Thai massage was initially introduced as a different form of yoga that was a part of spiritual healing.
thai body message in chennai

  •  Interesting Air Routes

According to Thai Massage experts, the air manages to travel through the entire body through no lesser than 72,000 routes. The Thai massage therapist stretches and pulls your body to clear the pathways to ensure that the air is able to flow smoothly without any restrictions, thereby reducing any pain in any part of your body.

  •  Stay Clothed

Unlike other massage sessions, where you have to strip down for a massage, Thai massage lets you keep your clothes own. So if you are trying out a massage for the first time, you can opt for a Thai massage in case you are not comfortable with disrobing for the session.

  •  The More The Merrier

If you want to sue the massage session as a way to bond with your friends, a Thai body massage is the best way. Everyone can have their own therapist working on them, while you all get to experience the comfort of the massage together at the same time.

  •  Different From other Massages

While general massages involve a lot of rubbing over you problem areas, Thai Massage is more or less made up of pulling, stretching and even compressing your muscles to get the required results.

  •  Massage Is On the Floor

Unlike other massages, where you will be on a table, in a Thai Massage, you will be asked to lie down on a mat on the floor. This is to allow the therapist full access to all your limbs for a better position to get your body to simulate different yoga poses. According to the trained professionals at massage centres in Chennai, lying on the floor also your body allows itself to be moulded into different poses easily.

  •  Generous Use Of Limbs

During a Thai Massage, you will be lying on the mat the therapist will use your arms and legs to stretch your body as well as simulate your body in the form of different yoga sessions. This helps improve your blood circulation, which in turn leads to better immunity and better brain functioning.

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