Thai Massage has been around for over 200 years. It has been giving people a way to relax and de-stress better all these years. As time went by, many different forms of Thai massages have also become popular.

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Different Options Available At Any Thai Massage Centre, Chennai

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  •   Traditional Thai Massage

This type of massage is the original version which has been followed for hundreds of years. It consists of relaxing your body with different therapeutic techniques and some stretching exercises as well. As pressure is applied at different energy spots, the body will start relaxing gradually.  Once the blood circulation improves during the massage session, you will be able to experience better joint method. You will soon feel years younger after a Traditional Thai Massage session from a skilled therapist.

  •  Thai Massage for Senior Citizens

As you age, you will notice that your bones get more brittle day by day. This is why a special Thai massage for older customers has been created. During this massage, the therapist is very gentle and uses simpler yoga postures to ensure that no damage occurs to the physical body of the customer. It can help you stay younger and even experience better brain functioning and concentrations skills.

  •  Thai Oil Massage

A flow of energy through your body enhances your mood. Thai oil massage removes all the energy blockades in your body to improve the energy flow.  Aromatic oils are used during the massage to facilitate the process. They also helped in tightening your skins and slow down the ageing process. Indulge in a Thai oil massage to find out what you have been missing all these years.

  •   Thai Massage Spa With Warm Herbs

Herbs are used in different ways to help detoxify the body. During a Thai massage with warm herbs, you will soon notice the difference in the pain level of your muscles and joints. This massage is often recommended for athletes who are recovering from serious injuries. The warm herbs used during the process actually stimulate the blood flow and helps to release the strain in the muscle tissues.
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  •  Thai Massage For Postpartum Women

Once your body has undergone the traumatic experience of giving birth, you need to give it time to recover. Specialised Thai Massages for postpartum women have become very popular recently after they were endorsed by several celebrities for helping them get back in shape pretty fast.  The therapist works on the problem areas and offers a much needed relaxing me time to the new mothers as well.  Interestingly, many doctors prescribe massages for new mothers to help them combat the onset of postpartum depression.

  •  Thai Foot Reflexology

The pressure points on our foot are often the focus of the Thai Foot Reflexology Massage. The therapist works hard to remove the energy blockades in your body. Once specific points on your feet are massaged well, you will be able to feel pain and stress ebb away from your body gradually. A body massage service can also be added to the session, to feel replenished in no time.

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