Deep tissue massage is different from other types of massages in many ways. It offers to relieve any pain or chronic injury by applying firm strokes with a small amount of pressure. Deep tissue massages are often recommended by doctors for several medical ailments to get relief from chronic pain as well as help fasten up the healing process.  However, the pain experienced during a deep tissue massage is not on the extreme end, it is more or less causes discomfort. In case you feel the pain caused during the deep tissue massage is unbearable, it is of utmost importance to inform your therapist immediately.

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Man having deep tissue massage by a professional therapistIf you have recently undergone any sort of injury, the muscles will start forming scar tissue that will cause your healing process to be very painful. Deep tissue massage spa offers you a less painful way out by breaking down these scar tissues. Once the scar tissues are broken down, your muscles will heal faster and will cause you less grief at the same time.

Deep tissue massage improves your muscle mobility and has been proven successful in fasten up recovery from trauma, injures and several other ailments as well. There are several types of deep tissue massages, depending on the area it will be targeting and the techniques that will be used. Many people tend to make the mistake of assuming that the deep tissue massage will be similar to a Swedish massage. However, these two massages are very different from one another.

A Swedish massage helps you relax and improves your blood circulation as the therapist works on your body with gentle strokes. However, during a deep tissue massage, the therapist will use their forearms, knuckle, and elbows in order to get deep into your muscles. This might cause a bit of discomfort at first, but you will soon start feeling the pain ebb away as the lactic acid is broken down by the therapist. The connective tissues that hold the muscles together also get damaged during injuries. Deep tissue massages help repair these tissues faster helping your more mobility faster compared to other modes of treatment.
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Several recent studies have proved time and again that the deep tissue massage offers the most comfort while recovering from any sort injury or pain. Patients have reported a noticeable reduction in their pain within ten days of their treatment. Interestingly doctors prescribe deep tissue massages for chronic back pain as well. However, in order to experience real relief from these types of pain, you need to attend more than a single session. This way the therapist gets to really work hard on your muscles and start the healing process.

At the end of the day, you need to ensure that you visit a reputed spa that hires only licensed therapists. Getting massaged by an inexperienced and unqualified therapist can do you more damage than good. One way to find a good therapist for a full body massage in Chennai is to ask around for recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do spas offer?

Spas are known for the massage therapies that are offered. Massage therapy exists since many centuries and offers a plethora of benefits. These days, spa offers massage therapy and other body treatments as well.

What does Thai massage include?

Thai massage therapies use gentle pressure and stretching of the skin and underlying muscles to help relax the body. It offers benefits including boosted energy, lowered stress and improved athletic performance.

What is Balinese massage technique?

Balinese Massage involves deep-tissue, full-body, holistic treatment. The therapists specialized in Balinese therapy combines gentle stretches, reflexology, acupressure and aromatherapy to stimulate oxygen and blood flow throughout your body.

Is foot massage same as reflexology?

Reflexology is combined with massage and is not a type of massage. It is a practice in which pressure is applied to reflex the zones on your hands, feet and outer ears.

What is Deep Tissue/Sports Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage involves applying firm pressure using deep, slow strokes to force the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissues. It is mainly treated for musculoskeletal issues such as sport injuries and strains.

What is the Ayurvedic massage?

Ayurvedic Massage is an important part of ayurvedic therapy. It is taken from the principles of Ayurveda to make a special experience that focuses on stress relief, relaxation and releasing emotional blockages.

What is a body scrub at a spa?

A Body Scrub is a body treatment, which exfoliates and hydrates skin leaving it soft and smooth. It is performed using an abrasive material such as sugar or sea salt mixed with aromatic or massage oils.

What is a body wrap?

A Body Wrap is performed by wrapping the body with natural materials including clay, mud and other organic ingredients. There are different types of body wraps including detox body wrap, slimming body wrap, etc.

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