People visit the Indonesian island of Bali for the goodness of natural spa treatments. For long the Balinese people understand the importance of health and have added massage as their routine to rejuvenate their body and spirits. During the ancient times there were healers in every village offering skilled massage to the injured, new born and the unwell. The tradition of massage is integral to the lives of Bali people. The Balinese massage was introduced through the spice route, the time when Hinduism and Buddhism made its way into the island nation. The Balinese massage is a combination of Ayurveda and Acupuncture techniques. Most bali spa in Chennai are inspired by the balance of life. They create a perfect balance between the body and soul.

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Balinese Massage origin and documentation

woman having balinese body massage therapy at Riverdayspa ChennaiThe herbal oils have long become part of the traditional massages taking inspiration from the Indian Ayurveda route. The pressure point techniques were adopted from China. The beauty rituals were part of the Javanese royal family. The first Balinese medicine was recorded in the year 1930 by a Dutch Doctor W Weck, it was in contrast with massage techniques from other parts of the globe. There were texts were documented by Weck until then there was no knowledge of the technique. The Thai government strictly regulates the massage therapy.

The spa treatment in Chennai pioneer in Thai massage techniques that are not as painful as Chinese acupuncture or Thai massage. It has pain incurred due to the massage is minimal. Despite the range of massages available across the globe, no two massage techniques are similar in practice or leave you with the same feel. The Balinese massage adds palm pressure, stretches and strokes. It can leave the body delightful.

Young woman getting balinese body massage by a spa therapistThe massage is traditional to the region and there are two choices in front of you. The Indonesian massage and the Balinese massage. The former has a rich history and varies both in style and technique while the latter is a gentler version and the pressure tactics applied depends on the masseur. The beauty flower bath that complements the massage leaves you soaking in a steam tub covered with rocks, frangipani flowers and fresh roses.

The ultimate benefit of the Balinese body massage is relieving tension as the nodes are dissolved. Pamper you body and improve the blood and lymphatic circulation with a refreshing Balinese massage. The use of herbal oils stimulates the memory and relieves the muscles from any damage. The aroma from the oil relaxes the body and the mind. The body is energized and the fatigue is relieved. The massage comes with pushing and stretching techniques giving great relief from spasms. Find balance between the body and mind with deep massage therapy from the island of Bali.

The ideal outfit during the massage is a towel or robe. This is prevents stains from the essential oils. The recipient is asked to lie on the mat or on the chair depending on the type of massage administered. To start with dry massage is offered followed by topical application using warm coconut oil or ginger oil. The massage offers overall health benefits and is not just restricted to relaxing.

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