A visit to the spa can sometimes put you on tender hooks with so much on the menu. Spa menus are extensive these days with tongue twisting names that can leave a visitor confused. Among the menu Balinese and Thai massage are the favorite. Before you try out either of these it is important to find out what they have to offer. Spas offering Balinese body massage in Chennai are highly competitive and want their customers to patronize them. Some of the best spa in Chennai offers both Balinese and Thai massages. Put the two on a comparison scale and you are sure to know which is better.
Young woman getting balinese body massage by a spa therapist
Balinese Massage therapy originated in Bali, Indonesia taking inspiration from Ayurveda and Acupressure techniques from China. Balinese Massage uses firm pressure on the body and focuses on relaxing muscle tissues. A combination of acupressure and stretching can help regain the flow of energy. A deep pressure is exerted on the body for best relief. If you are unable to withstand the pain, inform the masseuse and they can make it gentler. The benefits include relieving stress, increase lymphatic and blood circulation, lighten or remove sore muscles and heal sports injuries. Some of the prominent techniques adapted in Balinese massage include stretching, reflexology, aromatherapy and acupressure. The techniques are intense and holistic.

The oils used in Balinese massage treatment helps in relaxing the body and acts as natural moisturizer. The methods are comprehensive and help to soothe injuries related to sports. The massage focuses on relaxing the body through proper blood and lymphatic circulation. It brings about the well being of the body as a whole. The massage is beneficial for your reproductive system and colon health. It is ideal for those suffering from emotional trauma.

woman getting thai body massage by a professional therapist
Thai Massage originated in Thailand dating back to thousands of years. It is deeply rooted in Buddhism. There are many healing traditions followed in Thailand and there is no universal route. The techniques used here include stretching, compressing and rocked. It massage techniques are rhythmic and deep static. The rhythmic pressing includes pressing the fingers, toes, ears, back and cracking knuckles. There is no use of oils or lotions during the massage. The recipient sports comfortable and loose clothing in the spa chamber. The massage is administered for the full body. The main aim of Thai massage is to help the recipient relax to provide instant relief from aching muscles. It helps to boost the mood of the recipient as well.

Thai massage has the reputation of being the most invigorating massage as it works on the entire body. The masseurs use a combination of fingers and palm to stretch and relax the body from tension and stress. Unlike Balinese massage you are not required to remove your clothing in Thai massage. Loose clothing is provided to the client. The whole exercise is completely grease free.

So, next time when your muscles are craving for relaxation then it is time to choose a massage therapy. Sweeping strokes on your tensed muscles can improve the blood flow and make your skin glow.

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