Principles And Techniques Of Ayurvedic Body Massage

Woman having ayurvedic massage at Riverdayspa Chennai

Taking Ayurvedic body massage which is otherwise called as ‘Abhayanga’ regularly is considered to be the key to good health as per Ayurveda. As per this, every life form on this planet is composed of three doshas; namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When these three are in harmony, a person stays healthy and happy. The imbalance is what causes physical and mental illnesses. Ayurvedic massages help in establishing the harmony. Nowadays, such massages are offered not just in Ayurvedic centers, but in good spas also. Effective Ayurvedic massages are provided in an ayurvedic spa in chennai.

Vata constitutes space and air, Pitta is made up of water and fire while Kapha includes earth and water. The combination of these doshas is unique for each individual. This is the reason why people have different body frames, different skin types, etc. So, the types of massage required for each one may be different. It depends upon the body constitution of each and where the disruption lies in harmony. Only an expert therapist would know what form of massage is required for a particular body type. So, where you choose to get the ayurvedic massage done is very important.

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Enjoy The Ayurvedic Massage Benefits From The Best Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic treatment in a good spa includes excellent massages with the medicinal oils selected to match the type of dosha of each individual. Massage would incorporate kneading, tapping, traditional strokes, etc. the style of the massage and the flow of the strokes would vary depending upon the body needs. A skilled therapist would concentrate the points which are referred to as ‘marmas’ in Ayurveda. These points are very much alike to the so-called pressure points in acupuncture and reflexology. Marma points are related to the metabolism, functioning of organs, emotional conditions, etc. Stimulating these points by applying pressure with hands combined with selected oils, medicinal steam, etc. do wonders on one’s body and mind.

The multitude of perks!

The busy lifestyle and food habits are creating a lot of health issues in people nowadays- says an expert in Ayurvedic massage in Chennai. Once you take regular Ayurvedic massages and follow a health food diet and lifestyle as prescribed by Ayurveda, then you can find a lot of positive effects on your body and mind.

Woman having ayurvedic oil massage at Riverdayspa massage centre
  • Your body would be cleansed and detoxified
  • Better immunity
  • Strong muscles and enhanced flexibility
  • Nourished skin
  • Weight management
  • Overall health improvement and well-being

Stay Young And Energetic With A Good Ayurvedic Massage

The hustle and bustle of daily life often makes your body and mind weak even at a young age. Your body needs rejuvenation to stay young and energetic. Ayurvedic massages provide you with the much-needed rejuvenation. Certain health issues such as muscle fatigue, joint pain, back pain, etc. can be cured effectively with proper massages. A good Ayurvedic massage is the best solution for a multitude of issues; so try to get them done regularly to stay healthy and happy.

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