Benefits Of An Ayurvedic Body Massage Using Special Oils

Full body massage using warm oils is known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda. More than a massage therapy, it is a self-care or self-loving process where you decide to get your body treated from head to toe with soothing oils. A hot oil massage aids in your body nourishment, balances the doshas in your body and helps you live longer-says the leading therapist in the best ayurvedic spa in Chennai. Why should you try Abhyanga? What are its benefits? Read on and you will find out!

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Detoxification and weight reduction

Overweight is a very daunting issue these days. Regular Ayurvedic hot oil massage is the perfect solution for this. The oils are excellent fat burners and massaging helps to get rid of the stuffed fat in various parts of your body. Hot oil massages eliminate the impurities from your body and make it healthier.

Woman having ayurvedic oil massage at Riverdayspa ChennaiBetter sleep

Abhyanga has a very calming effect on your nerves. It nourishes your brain wonderfully. A good Ayurvedic oil massage replaces your anxieties and worries with peace and satisfaction. All these factors together help you fall asleep easily and get undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

Lovely skin

Whatever be our age, none of us would like it to be reflected on our skin. We want our skin to be soft and smooth always. But age has its own way of making changes to the skin texture. Regular hot oil massages help to prevent the ageing effects on your skin to a great extent. Dryness, scaling, and wrinkles can be reduced effectively.

More blood circulation and healthy functioning of organs

Abhyanga reinvigorates the cells of your body. The massage improves the blood flow to your internal organs, and they function better. This, in turn, helps you to stay away from diseases.

Get Ayurvedic Oil Massage Done In The Best Ayurvedic Spa!

You cannot choose a spa or massage center randomly to go for an Ayurvedic massage. The skill and experience of the person doing the massage is very important in the case of Ayurvedic oil massages. So make sure you follow references and genuine reviews before choosing the place. South India is very popular for massage centers and spas. Ayurvedic body massage in Chennai is found to be very effective and is the favourite of many. You have to pick the best in order to enjoy complete benefits.

Experience The Bliss Of A Wonderful Ayurvedic Massage!

Woman getting ayurvedic oil massage at Riverdayspa massage centre

A good hot oil massage given by a skilled professional has a meditation-like effect on your body and mind. You will feel the calmness, serenity and bliss! This is an experience which you cannot afford to miss.

Before you go!

Make sure the oil selected for the massage is right. Different oils need to be used for different conditions. For example, Ashwagandhaadi oil works on the muscles while Brahmi oil is used for insomnia. So consult with a therapist if you are seeking to prevent a particular medical condition. If general well-being is what you are looking for, then go ahead with the oils that spa professionals suggest!

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