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Ayurvedic Abyangam Massage At River Day Spa In Chennai

Indulge in the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of an Abyangam massage at Chennai and gain the benefits of age old Ayurvedic practices and experience healing in the most natural way.

Ayurvedic oils are applied liberally on your body and the gentle and smooth movements of the therapist allow the penetration of the oil deep into your body.

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Regularise the flow of pranic energy in your body with a marma Abyanga massage. This massage helps to reduce stress and to detoxify the body of toxins. Heal not only your body but also refresh your mind with this ancient Ayurvedic Abyanga massage technique. Reach out to each and every living cell in your body and relax at the cellular level.

Even after the end of the session

Enjoy the Amazing Benefits of Ayurvedic Abyanga Massage Therapy

Abyanga massage is different from other massages as it is holistic and the entire process usually takes more than one session. Increase the self healing potential of your body. This massage heals more than merely the symptoms of the chronic disease. It reaches the root of the problem and works to set the living energy in the body to flow in the right course.

Ayurvedic practitioners recommend an Abyanga massage regularly to keep the body and mind healthy and to stay focussed.

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