Massages have been around for centuries, offering benefits to people in one way or the other. This ancient art has many variations depending on its country of origin. Each one offers benefits that are common to most massages. The main aim of going for a massage session is to get your body to relax and help you destress. As the therapist works all the kinks out of your body, you will soon notice your enhanced mood and feel more relaxed. A well-executed massage session will not only loosen up your muscles, but they can also give you fast relief from chronic pain or injury.

 River, group of Salon and Spa, has eight luxury Day Spa and Massage Centres well spread across South India. It’s a haven of exotic spa services, scrubs & wrap treatments and ayurvedic massage therapies. Explore the wonders of an authentic massage at our massage centres in Egmore, Porur, Vellore, Trichy, Tirupur, Coimbatore, and Other Spa Locations.


Different Massages Available At Body Massage Centre In Chennai

Here are a few popular massages that will have you feeling relaxed in no time:

Shiatsu Massage

This particular massage originated from the exotic land of Japan and uses finger pressure alongside acupressure techniques. The client is asked to lie down on a mat on the floor for the session. This massage helps relieve stress related symptoms like headaches, muscle tension and so on.

Man having deep tissue body massage by a massage therapist at Riverdayspa Chennai

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage focuses on the inner layers of muscle tissue. This massage is often used as a pain reduction method for chronic injury. Since it connects with the connective tissue of the body, it requires more pressure. The goal of the deep tissue massage is to ensure the client feels a reduction in the pain as well as experience normal movement after the session. So the next time you fall victim to any pain injury, head straight to the nearest spa and indulge in a deep tissue massage.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is popularly also known as Classic Massage. Gentle pressure is used to promote relaxation and work on specific areas that have muscle tension. It is often performed directly on the skin while using oils or lotions. As the therapist uses their hands, elbow, and forearms to massage your muscles, you will be able to let your muscles loosen up and thereby make you feel more relaxed. The Swedish spa treatment in Chennai is famous for its ability to help flush out lactic acid, metabolic wastes as well as the uric acid from your body.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage as the name indicates originated in the Indian subcontinent ages ago. It has caught a lot of attention in the west as a quick de-stressing program.  This relaxing treatment focuses on the head, shoulders, neck, upper arms, ears and face. A couple of specific movements are made by the therapist that includes compression and deep kneading of the muscle. This massage helps you clear your head and improve your concentration skills as well as make you more alert.

Sports Massage

This particular massage was designed to give athletes relief from chronic pain or injury. It helps prevent injuries and fasten up the healing process of injured muscles. Athletes are often prone to serious muscle injuries and require constant care to ensure they do not cause permanent damage to their body. The experts at most body massage services in Chennai are well experienced in offering sports massages to sports players and athletes.

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