Having been feeling stressful lately? Not sure what to do about it? A full body massage is the elusive answer to this age old problem.  During a complete body massage, the therapist or the masseuse will massage your entire body for at least a whole hour. It takes a complete hour for the therapist to work out the knots in your shoulders, back, feet, legs, hands, arms, and neck. Men can opt to have a pectoral massage done as well.

full body massage therapy in chennai

Procedure Followed at Spas Offering Full Body Massage in Chennai

Plenty of spas offer full body massage all over the country. 

spa body massage therapy chennai
  • You will be taken to the spa room, where you will be given time to disrobe and lie on the table face down before the therapist comes in. You can place a towel over your body for modesty and the therapist ensures that except the body part he or she is working on, your remaining body remains covered.
  • The therapist initiates the massage session by turning on soothing music and using aromatic oils in the room. This heightens the relaxing feel offered by the massage.
  • Therapists usually start at the back and the shoulder, as this where most people carry their stress and tension. Once the kinks in these regions are sorted out, they move slowly down the body.
  • The next stage involves you turning over so that the therapist can work on the front of your legs and arms. The massage usually ends with a neck and shoulder rub and sometimes even the scalp. If you opted for a hot stone massage, the procedure varies a bit.

In case you would like extra attention given to particular areas, you can mention this beforehand to your therapist so that they can concentrate on those areas more and give the other areas a simple rub down.  Or better yet, you can book a longer massage, this way the therapist can spend extra time on the problem areas with short-changing the other. Spas in Chennai offer up to 90 hour massages to ensure that you are completely relaxed and de-stressed by the time it is over.

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Full Body Massage Vs. Targeted Massage

Interestingly, most people seem to have trouble choosing between a full body massage or a massage for a specific part of the body. What they fail to understand is that the human body s designed to have a lot of trigger points all over the body that can aid reduce stress or pain elsewhere when massaged. This is why experts always recommend going for the deep tissue massage. It helps your body get healthier while offering you some much needed me time and even get rid of any pain that you might be suffering from. Try out a Swedish massage while you are at it.

Common Myths About Getting Massages in Chennai

It is interesting to note how many people still hesitate to go for a massage even after all the benefit offered by it seem to tilt the scale. The underlying myths about massages seem to be the reason for this hesitancy. One way to ensure that you are getting a massage done by a licensed therapist is to check the credentials of the spa. Since local laws govern the running of spas, reputed ones will have their documentation in order to avoid any trouble for their customers and themselves. So relax and book a spa appointment today at a massage center in Chennai to find out what all the fuss is about!

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