Body scrubs are simple spa treatments that exfoliate your skin and leaves it fresh and glowing. All the dirt and grime that you have accumulated on your skin over the days are removed completely, making your skin feel soft as a baby’s bottom!  The abrasive products used in a body scrub help remove the dead skin cells and de-clog your pores, to ensure that no breakout occurs on your skin as well.

Although many people assume that a body scrub is a glorified rub down, this is far from the truth the therapist will use systematic patterns to ensure that every part of your skin is rubber down. The circular motions used during the session helps improve the blood circulation, that will help your relax and feel comfortable. If you have been walking around with a lot of anxiety and stress, a body scrub session will have you feeling de-stressed and relaxed in no time and with glowing skin. Who needs anything more to be happy?

 River, group of Salon and Spa, has eight luxury Day Spa and Massage Centres well spread across South India. It’s a haven of exotic spa services, scrubs & wrap treatments and ayurvedic massage therapies. Explore the wonders of an authentic massage at our massage centres in Egmore, Porur, Vellore, Trichy, Tirupur, Coimbatore, and Other Spa Locations.


Benefits Offered By A Body Scrub Service Chennai

body scrub treatment at RiverdayspaA well-executed body scrub offers many benefits like:

  • It evens out the tan on your skin. This will improve your skin complexion and avoid any patches from forming on your skin.
  • All your pores are opened up and cleared of all the dirt.
  • The essential oils used in a body scrub session offer plenty of benefits like getting your senses ready and comfortable.

In case you have sensitive skin, it would be prudent to have a patch test done beforehand to avoid your skin from breaking out or causing rashes to develop. Some people with extremely sensitive skin are required to restrict their body scrub sessions to only once a week to avoid ruining their skin. In case you have the bad luck of a skin breakout after a body scrub session, ensure that you apply plenty of moisturizing creams to help it heal. Try avoiding going out in the sun, but if you must, then apply sunscreen to protect your skin from further damage.

Going for a spa session at a spa at Chennai for the first time might seem daunting. However, you need not worry a tall. Most reputed spas offer private massage rooms where you can change and get ready on the table before the therapist comes in. The therapist will make sure will use a towel to cover your body and only uncover the area which they are working on currently. Spas have both gender staffs on their team, to make sure that you are comfortable through the session. If you have specific requests, you can make them known before the session so that therapist can prepare the body scrub mix accordingly.

Once you have experienced a body scrub treatment, you will be clamouring to book the next one. After each session, your skin will be left looking shiny and smooth with a natural glow.  Body scrubs are an easy way to forget all your worries and prepare you for the next set of challenges that lie ahead!

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