The term body scrub can be used to describe a spa treatment, an at-home treatment or even the product that is used in the body scrub. However, a body scrub refers to spa treatments about 90 percent of the time. They are one of the most asked for treatments at spas in general. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy having a scrub down while comfortably lying down on a table and listening to soothing music? Body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your entire skin and reveal the healthier, glowing skin lying underneath all that dirt and grime.

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The Ingredients That Are Used In A Body Scrub Spa

A body scrub mix is essentially made up of three main ingredients, namely an exfoliant, an oil and a fragrance. Each one has its own features that make it unavoidable while creating a body scrub mix.

scattered coffee beans & coffee powder for body scrub massage Exfoliant

Since the main job of a body scrub is to exfoliate the skin, it makes sense to have an exfoliant is one of the crucial ingredients in the mix.  This is often an abrasive material like sugar, salt, rice bran, jojoba beads, oatmeal, and coffee grounds and so on. These abrasive ingredients help scrub away the dead skin cells and reveal the skin hidden underneath.

lemongrass & oil for body scrub massage

The oil is added to the body scrub mix to hold the remaining ingredients together.  Depending on the type of body scrub you opted for, the oil is added accordingly. Each type of oil offers additional advantages, so it is necessary to understand the purpose of the body scrub and your skin type before choosing the oil to go into the scrub mix.


As you are being scrubbed down by the therapist, the fragrance of the body scrub mix will hit your nostrils. It is necessary to add high quality fragrance oils to the body scrub mix to make the fragrance of the scrub mix pleasant and comforting.

Although the above mentioned three ingredients are essential to make an effective body scrub mix, they come in different price ranges, thereby affecting the price of the body scrub massage as well. If you prefer the higher priced body scrubs, you will notice that the essential oil, fragrance oils and the exfoliant added will be of a far more superior quality than compared to the other scrub mixes.

If you prefer to have a body scrub combined with another spa treatment, a body wrap might be a better option.  It usually involves an exfoliation process, followed by a salt scrub or a body polish which is similar to a body scrub treatment and finally you will be wrapped up tightly with towels or sheets.  You will be asked to stay like that for anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the ingredients used in the wrap and the type of body wrap you have opted for. The relaxation offered by comforting spa treatments like body scrubs and body wraps are literally priceless. You get a chance to indulge in some much needed me-time and de-stress slowly with the wonderful spa services in Chennai.

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