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Can Sports Massage benefit Non-Athletes Too?

March 17, 2021

Today, massage therapy is increasingly being used by people of all ages to get relief from stress, as well as treat chronic conditions. There are many types of massages offered at the Best Spa and Massage Center in Chennai like Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone massage etc. Sports massage is a popular massage therapy especially useful for athletes to prepare their bodies for a big sporting event or recover after the event or maintain the flexibility in the body. How does a Sports massage differ from an ordinary massage?
While a massage involves kneading, applying pressure on and manipulating the soft tissues of the body to get relief from pain and stress and relax, a sports massage is more targeted on specific muscle groups aimed at preventing injuries, preparing the body for an upcoming sports event and helping the muscles recover from injuries post the event. Sports massage largely combines the techniques of both Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Get the best Swedish massage and Deep Tissue Massage at the Best Massage and best spa in Chennai
Although a sports massage specifically benefits athletes, even non-athletes can benefit from this type of massage. So, how is sports massage beneficial to everyone?
1. Prevention of Injury

A major benefit of sports massage is it helps prevent injuries by increasing muscle compliance, decreasing joint stiffness and increasing the range of movement.

2. Sports Massage provides relief from Chronic Pain

A deep tissue sports massage can provide relief from a sore neck or chronic leg pain and lower back pain. Also, sports massage has been found effective in treating osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid pain, frozen shoulder and some digestive issues.

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3. Sports Massage can Help to Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion

The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of today has resulted in more people experiencing joint stiffness and tight muscles with the result of limited mobility, flexibility and range of motion. All these hamper everyday normal functioning of the body and increase the risk of muscle injury. A sports massage specifically targeting the muscles, tendons and ligaments can increase muscle elasticity and flexibility. This improves your range of motion and helps you lead a more active lifestyle.

4. Help reduce stress, anxiety, depression

Prolonged work hours and everyday stress can take a toll on our physical health and also our mental health. This can moreover to mental health issues such as disturbance and depression
. A sports massage targets a specific muscle group and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. These relieve tension and stress and makes you more relaxed. This improves your mood and your productivity improves. The massages at the Best Massage Center in Porur are specifically designed to make you relax and give relief from stress.

5. Provides relief from tension headaches

Chronic tension headaches are common in today’s workplaces. Many people take medicines to get relief from headache. A sports massage focuses on trigger points, relieves muscular tension and postural alignment issues. All these provide great relief from tension headaches.

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