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Calming Effects Of The Massaging Process

July 12, 2016

Massaging is a process where the muscles of the body are touched and cared to create a relaxing effect. Of late, every locality has a spa in chennai that offers massage services for customers. There are many benefits associated with massaging your body. There are so many places that offer body massage in Chennai. Earlier body massages were expensive. With spas opening up in the city, the cost of a massage today starts as low as 599 rupees.

Massaging your body regularly can help both physical as well as mental state of mind. Firstly, massages relax your body and then there are also physical effects that happen when the muscles are subjected to soft pressure treatment. The relaxation response is a state of mind where both the heart rate as well as breathing happens at a relaxed pace, thus lowering the blood pressure as well as the release of stress hormones. As the body relaxes, it increases the secretion of serotonin, a chemical that has positive effects on an emotional and mental level. Some of the studies show that the serotonin levels have a direct impact on the thoughts that the brain is processing. The relaxation techniques also reduce stress, hypertension, chances of cardiac arrest, insomnia, fatigue etc. It can also cure digestive disorders and any other physical discomfort.

Massage therapy helps relax muscles and reduces pain due to contractions or spasms. It can reduce compression of nerves. Whenever muscles are compressed, nerves surrounding the muscles also get compressed. When these muscles get relaxed due to massage, the nerves also become relaxed and hence it can supply the necessary nutrients to the body effectively. They work as they used to carrying messages to the brain or carrying processed information from the brain to the muscles. The internal organs also function better.

Ligaments, tendons and muscles in the body also relax due to touch. Additionally, tissues that are present deep inside the body cannot be reached by massage. However, since the muscles that are superficial become relaxed, the muscles that are present deep inside also have the same effect. Therefore, by performing a massage, we relax not only the superficial tissues but also the internal ones. 

So far we discussed the effect a massage can have on the muscles. Not only muscles, organs also get benefitted from a massage. Due to the stress in bones, muscles and nerves are stressed out, organs also feel the stress. Performing a massage can de-stress the organs and make them function better. A lower back can be reduced and similarly menstrual cramps also become reduced. Hence, massages can help in the overall functionality of the body, including muscles, organs and nerves.

Massages can be done in different ways and each one has a distinct effect on the body.

Massaging Muscle Fibers

This massage works great for tight muscles and a stressful mind. By rubbing and gripping the muscle fiber this massage relaxes every muscle in the body as it progresses. Gradually, the stress applied to the muscles can be increased to create a better effect. Depending on the location in the body, one can make adjustments to the massaging technique. Using fingers, palms of the hand can cause great impact. Stokes can be created by moving fingers over the muscles. 

Massage With The Use of Electrical Appliances

Apart from using the hand, there are also certain massaging appliances that can be used to create a relaxing effect. Most of these devices have a vibrating unit that can be moved across the length of the body to relax the muscles. While some devices use vibration, some use heating to relieve body pain. The massaging device has to be placed on the location in the body where there is pain and the device gets heated up passing the heat to the muscles which help them relax. There are also different heating levels that a person can choose depending on the level of pain.

Using Massage Oils

Using Massage aroma oils can also work great on the skin care in chennai as well the muscles. This alleviates the effects of the massage performed. One of the advantages is that hands of the masseur moves smooth and slide down the body because of oil applied. One can also use oils that have medicinal benefits to cure any particular kind of illness. Using aroma oils enhances the performance of sensory organs and thus relaxes the mind. Sometimes herbs can also be mixed along with the oils to provide curing properties.

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