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Best Face Mask To Suit Your Skin

February 7, 2017


Wouldn’t you love to find out the best spa in Chennai that offers facials, special face treatments, and all the other services to make you looking positively beautiful and radiant? Getting regular facials is part and parcel of skin maintenance. Though you may be taking care of your face daily at home, it is essential to get regular professional care as well.

Find your skin type

You will get maximum benefit from facial treatments only if you understand your skin type.Let’s take a look at a simple test to find out your skin type. You need to wash your face with water and leave it without applying any products overnight. Then check your face in the morning or you can also wipe your face gently with a tissue. This will help you understand if your face is oily or not.

Once you determine your skin type, you can go for facial which suits you the best.

Oily Skin

For oily skin, the first step is to remove the excess oil and clear the pores. We need to find ingredients that remove the impurities from the pores and then help to take care of oily skin. Clay masks like rose clay, or green clay (bentonite).are great for this.

Normal skin

People with normal skin are really lucky. You have endless options and can use any kind of face mask. You can also opt to try all your options one at a time and then choose which works best for you.

Combination Skin

Hydration and balance are the keys to combination skin. It’s relatively hard to deal with combination skin as clay masks may dry out dryer parts of the face whereas moisturizing masks will cause impurities on oily parts of the face. There is no reason to worry however as preparing a face mask for such types of skin is not very difficult.

Your basic ingredients are honey and turmeric powder. You can use this for sensitive skin, normal as well as combination skin types. Honey is a wonderful ingredient which is packed with minerals; It also provides a calming sensation and increases hydration of the skin. When you add turmeric powder it is additional nourishment. Another great option is the ayurvedic scrub for the face.

Dry Skin

Masks are a godsend for those who have dry skin. Even though you use a hundred of moisturizers, you could still irritated with the dry skin. Using the suitable mask will definitely leave you with better, softer and smoother skin.

Use a mask with both moisturizers as well as natural humectants. You do not want the mask to pull away what little moisture is remaining in your face. You need one that hydrates the skin. raw honey mixed with any moisturizing oil, ex-jojoba oil or also extra virgin coconut oil will work wonders. This will help you replenish your skin and leave it calm as well as radiant.

Dull skin

Your goal is to brighten up your face. For this, you can use an exfoliating mask or a radiance mask. The purpose or function of the exfoliating mask is to scrub away the dead cells and give you a fresh layer of beautiful skin. The radiance masks will have whitening ingredients which are helpful to brighten skin tone.

Problem skin

A purifying mask is the best option for problem skin types. It will help to draw out all the imperfections seen. You will be able to dry up acne, shrink large pores as well as rinse all the blackheads.

Mature skin

Some of you may have mature skin. There is nothing to worry about this. All you need is a firming mask which will tighten and lift your appearance. The biggest advantage is that fine lines and wrinkles will be softened. This will give you a young appearance.

General tips to follow while applying the Mask

  • Never apply the mask when your face is not clean. Always wash your face thoroughly
  • Wipe it gently dry.
  • Pat it softly to dry.
  • Make sure you are checking how long it has been
  • Nourish your skin with the right ingredients after removing the mask

Always remember that it is you who decides how you should look. Follow regular care and maintenance of your skin, take professional help and try avoiding pollutants to stay fit with beautiful skin.

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