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Benefits of getting an Ayurvedic Massage

September 8, 2020

Massages are relaxing. But to be a bit specific – which type of massage makes you feel chill down your spine? It’s an Abhyanga – Ayurvedic massage that gives a little soothing pain with deep tissue massage. 

Abhyanga aka Ayurvedic Massage

Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage or oil massage that gives you physical benefits like relaxing muscle tension, lymphatic drainage, and nourishes your skin completely. Its uniques, when compared to other massages, is that apart from the underlying muscles it focuses on the skin too. With the oils used for circulation –stimulation, it is similar to a facial massage for your complete body.  

Our therapist here focuses on relaxation and they focus on “Sneha” which is the root word for this kind of massage in Sanskrit which means love. Based on your skin type, Our ayurvedic experts here at our various centers – Ayurvedic massage in Chennai, Ayurvedic Massage in Coimbatore, Ayurvedic Massage in T.Nagar, Ayurvedic massage in Gandhipuram, Ayurvedic massage in Trichy, Ayurvedic massage in Vellore will advise you on performing abhyanga from once a week to once a day.

The specialty of Ayurvedic massage

The extensive use of essential oils and focus on particular energy points in your body marks the specialty of ayurvedic massage. Remember this is not normal massaging – it is a treatment that focuses on manipulating your energy and relaxing your emotional stress than focusing on the kinks in your muscles.

Now Let’s see what benefits your reap

Every part of your body enjoys this massage and it is an ideal way to relieve stress. 

Check out what you get when you complete your massage at our Riverdayspa and step out!!!

For your Complete Body-

  • It helps you in reducing the aging effects.
  • Softness, strength, and good skin texture are its main benefits.
  • Nourishes your skin
  • Longevity increases
  • Good sleeping pattern
  • Beneficial for your skin
  • Body’s tolerance gets strengthened.
  • Helps in imparting the tones to the body tissues.
  • Stimulates the internal organs of your body and improves circulation.
  • Calms down the nerves and helps you in deep sleeping.

For Scalp

  • Helps in growth of thick and soft hair
  • Soothing of sense organs
  • Reduces wrinkles on your face.

For Feet

  • Reduces the coarseness, stiffness, and roughness in feet.
  • Strengthens your feet and gives a firm feel.
  • Improves your vision
  • Pacifies Vata

Apart from benefiting specific body parts, ayurvedic massage in porur also helps your complete health system to relax, rejoice, and feel good. Few such benefits are- 

  • Medical ailments

Various medical ailments get treated with ayurvedic massage. This massage also helps your body in relaxing when you are suffering from stress due to any sickness. Ayurvedic massages are known to treat arthritis, paralysis, and spondylosis.

  • Relaxation and Lifestyle

This massage helps in rejuvenating your body. It induces sleep, boosts immunity, and increases your lifespan. It is the perfect massage for your complete wellbeing.

  • Mental Wellbeing

This is a massage treatment that is ideal for your sleep disorders and to reduce your stress. Anxiety and depression are now very common in this fast pace world, relax with our professional masseur.

  • Beauty

We also offer synchronized massage with a steam bath that enhances your skin complexion. This massage softens your skin texture and keeps away your aging problems. 

Are you puzzled about how long the benefits of this massage would travel with you?

No worries here we give you a clear picture of “ How beneficial is this massage both on a short and long period.

Though ayurvedic massage requires frequent sessions, the benefit you reap is long-lasting and forever. We have the pride of many customer testimonials who have benefited and have got permanent relief from digestive issues, obesity, anxiety, depression, stress, skin allergies, and doshas in their body. 

On contrary to other medical remedies ayurvedic massage gives long-term effects by balancing the energies in the body and mind. It helps the body to feel energized and calms down your system the entire day. The highlight is it possesses no harmful side effects for your body and is also safe for a long-run practice.

Short Term Benefits

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Ayurvedic massage is known to enhance the flow of blood. When the blood circulation is improved your body gets evenly oxygenated. 

  • Relieves Joint Pain

After the ayurvedic massage, the blood flow is corrected and life forces are perfect this helps the joint pains to vanish. This is an ideal massage that helps to rest even arthritis at bay.

  • Body Relaxation

When you pile up tension it is a major source of pain. So once you get an Ayurvedic massage, your blood circulation is enhanced and your muscles relax which helps the tension in various parts of your body to dissipate. Enjoy this massage in Chennai to keep your body light.

  • Enhances Skin Glow

This massage removes your dead skin and makes your skin softer. With the smearing and massaging of medicinal oils, the skin gets nourishes. This gives your skin a renewed glow.

  • Alleviates Fatigue

We provide the best ayurvedic massage to rejuvenate your body. Are you suffering from lethargy because of inactivity and improper circulation? No worries, Our ayurvedic massage will fill you with vigor. Feel the instant change after a perfect session.

Long Term Benefits

  • Fall Asleep Like a Baby

As your muscles relax you begin to feel light as a feather and fall into a deep sleep. If you have sleeplessness, try an ayurvedic massage at River salon and spa in Chennai and sleep like a just born.

  • Resolves Migraine

Are you haunted with migraine and headache for many years, a perfect ayurvedic massage is the best remedy. We offer ayurvedic massage with Dhara and Nasyam which relaxes the tissue permanently. 

  • Wash Away Your Toxins

Today’s lifestyle, food, and drinks have led to the accumulation of toxins in our body. Ayurveda helps you detoxify your body. Take regular massages and purgation and cleanse your body.

  • Muscle Toning

When your body relaxes and gets rid of the cramps, your muscles replenish. They get more flexible and toned. The heaviness in your muscles vanishes in no time.

  • Makes You Sharper

As the medicinal massage calms your body and nerves, you tend to feel active. With every session at our spa, you walk out with all the stress melting away. The right flow of blood helps the brain function efficiently and makes you sharper and meticulous.

Final Words:

It is not necessary to be an ayurvedic believer to take up abhyanga massage. All you need is an open mind and acceptance to get benefited from this wonderful therapy. Abhaynfa is generally called glowing massage and the glow comes from within. Depressed, Stressed, feeling heavy, suffering glowless skin? No worries Check out for Massage spa near me – and walk into our River Salon and Spa in your locality

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