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All You should Know About Hot Stone Massage

June 6, 2018

Everything ancient is coming back to the fore once again. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians found this massage. It is now a favorite among clients. It is an age-old treatment with only a minor modification of adding heat to give it a modern twist. The hot stone massage in Chennai is done with basalt which is water heated and placed on essential parts of the body to get relief from pain and provide relaxation.

Benefits of hot stone massage

  • Better circulation

 The therapist places hot stones on the trigger points before the massage begins. The heat generated from the rocks then enters the deep tissues of your body, and that enables the blood vessels to open. Hence there is better blood circulation, more oxygen is supplied to the muscles, and that eases the pains and aches too.

  • Pain relief

     All types of massages can relieve you from the pain that occurs due to stiff muscles and joints, injuries, etc. but a hot stone massage done from a spa in Chennai, provides better relief than any other type of massage due to the intensity. The hot stone enables the masseur to go deeper, and that will make you feel much better than even a deep tissue massage. The heat from the hot stone penetrates your body and makes you feel good. Ensure that optimal temperature and pressure is applied to the critical points of the body so that there is no pain after the session.

  • Relaxes the muscles

 The hot stone generates heat which aids in muscle relaxation, when your muscles are relaxed the therapist can work on the deep tissues better than when they are tense, If you have stiff muscles then the hot stone aids in relaxing and also provides relief from the sore muscles.

  • Stress reliever

 Hot stone massage benefits even your mental health. There is a feeling of relaxation after a having a hot stone massage from a body massage center in Chennai. That is due to relieving tension and stress. It can also help you to sleep better which will make you feel more alert and active. It may also assist in combating anxiety.

Hot stone massage at home:

You can get a hot stone massage at home, but ensure that the stone is not too hot. Here is a how you can DIY.

  •  Clean the massage stone thoroughly with an antibacterial and rinse.
  • Put the stones in a pan or an electric cooker and cover it with enough water.
  • Let the stones to warm, but it should not get warmer than 125 degrees Fahrenheit else you will burn the skin.
  • Ask the person you are massaging to lie down on a bed or a comfortable place and place the stones behind the knee, top of left leg, the center of thigh and calf. Use oil and massage using your hands.

Things you will need for a hot stone massage at home:

  • Hot stones
  • A large basin to wash the rocks
  • Antibacterial solution
  • A pan
  • Towels
  • Massage Oil

Tips: Use your hands to massage the arms as the stones will not stay on it. Also, do not use hot rocks on the person’s face or scalp as the skin in those areas are sensitive to heat.

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