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5 things to do before you get an Ayurvedic Massage to get the full benefit

September 11, 2020

Ayurvedic massage has a great effect on your complete body system rather than just your skin. This is the main reason we advise you to choose our ayurvedic massage at our various massage centers- Spa in EgmoreMassage in Porur, Spa in T.nagarMassage spa in CoimbatoreMassage spa in Chennai.

Abhyanga can be done every day for everyone especially for old age people and stressed people. It enhances your eyesight, nourishes your muscles, increases your lifespan and skin complexion.
Alright, hope you are already all set to check out “ Spa near me” and visit us to rejuvenate yourself. Before that let’s give you a few tips to get ready for an ayurvedic massage to reap its complete benefits.

• Choose the right time

Generally, it is recommended to get your ayurvedic massage done in the early morning before bathing.
Especially if you have a body pain that worsens with work, then early morning is the ideal time as in the morning the pain will be in its control and after the massage, you can have a quite comfortable day.
Divide the day into three parts, the last part evening is filled with Vatadosha which is perfect for an ayurvedic massage. When you get an oil massage in the evening, it is advised to apply hot fomentation after the massage as it helps you in avoiding stiffness and coldness. The warm improves the absorption and assimilation of the oil and herbs.


Always fix your appointment with us for an ayurvedic massage 1 hour before or after taking food. When you eat food and digestion begins, Kapha becomes dominant. Massage is done to balance VataDosha so it is not ideal to get a massage done when Kapha is dominant.

• When choosing ayurvedic massage - Pain-related

Ayurvedic massage is a relaxing procedure to rejuvenate yourself. But if you are walking into our massage spa for relief from some pain here is what we promise you:
When you suffer a fresh muscle or tendon injury, it begins to inflammation and this is treated with anti-inflammatory medicines and medicines related to the injury- swelling, pain, and many more. It relaxes your muscles and relieves your pain.
Some of you may experience that muscle damage has healed on its own but the pain may recur after many years. Few such recurring pain are-

  • Weakening of muscles and tendons due to aging or tissue generation.
  • Wrong sitting or sleeping posture leads to twitching of muscles and tendons. This worsens the pain in old injured muscles.
  • Tiny scar tissue in the muscles makes it stiff over a while.
  • Provocative reasons such as depression, junk food, smoking, excess alcohol, stress, anxiety, and diabetes leads to the building of free radicals and increase inflammation in your body and result in the resurfacing of pain.
  • An accident or repeated injury may cause your old pains to flare up.

So now, hope you know for what major problems you can go for an ayurvedic massage. So know your body pain and visit us we shall treat you like nowhere and vanish your pain.


• Know the oil composition

Oils are very essential in an ayurvedic massage in Chennai. So have some knowledge about the oils you are going to get massaged with.

  • Dashamoola- 10 roots together
  • Rasna – PlucheaLanceolata
  • Devadaru – Cedrusdeodara
  • Prasarini- Paederiafoetida
  • Ela-cardamom – Elettariacardamomum
  • Kushta – SaussureaLappa
  • Mahanarayana oil – Popular oil to treat arthritis, paralysis, muscular and joint pains.
    Kottamchukkadi oil – An oil that perfectly treats Vata disorders that leads to muscular pain, sciatica, spondylosis, etc…
  • Mahamashataila- Used to treat neurological disorders like neuralgia, paralysis, etc…
    Balaswagandhaditailam – An ayurvedic oil to treat fever, muscle weakness, bones, joints, etc…

These oils help you in relieving your pain. But there are not the only oils. We have given you a list of major oils that help you fight inflammation.


Herbs and its use

You may think a massage includes just oil but it is a fact that herbs also play a vital role in ayurvedic massage. They help you in relieving your pain and making you fresh.
Here is what the herbs used in our massage can do for you-

  • Rejunavate – undoubtedly
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Relieves scar tissue
  • Stress relieving
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Heal the slightest scar of muscle tissue
  • Regeneration of tendons
  • Ligaments of joints
  • Scars in muscle tissue

Improve the healing and inflammation process. So, ask your masseur to include herbs to the maximum extent possible to reap the best benefits after a massage. Herbs play a major role in the massaging process.


Final Words

So hope you are all set to get your massage- ayurvedic or Thai massage done at our River salon and spa with massage spas in Chennai and other major cities. However, after your massage take rest for at least 10- 15 minutes and get yourself wiped with a cloth dipped in warm water. After that, the masseur may give you Swedana( sweating treatment) or Snana ( hot water shower) according to your treatment plan. Get ready for your relaxing ayurvedic massage and feel relaxed!!!!

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