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5 Steps To Have Mental And Physical Happiness

September 9, 2020

Are you knocked down with low blood pressure, headache, low immunity, stress, or sleeplessness? Get relieved with our one-hour session at River spa and massage center in Chennai. Massage is a natural therapy, that can help you get relieved from all your physical and mental problems. It can relax your tensed muscle and tissue to give you complete mental and physical happiness.

Our spa offers Ayurvedic massages that systematically and scientifically manipulate your body tissues with our masseur’s hands to relive your pain and swelling. Various massages such as Thai massage, Swedish massage are offered at most of our spas like the Spa in T.nagar. Spa in Coimbatore, Spa in Vellore to relax your muscles and heal your strains and sprains. 

Our professionals provide manipulation that includes light or hard stroking, Compressions such as kneading squeezing, and friction and percussion i.e striking of the edges of hands in fast alternation.

Massage is known to provide many benefits to your health. Let’s find out its benefit for our physical and mental happiness. 

Relieves Pain

 It is a medically proven fact that massage helps in pain relief. The massages at River salon and spa stimulate endorphins production, which is the primary hormone in making your body feel good. Problems like Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, back and neck problems, and many other health disorders can be resolved with massages. Regardless of the cause, our Ayurvedic massages relieve your pain to an extent that your body no more needs any pain-killing medication.

  • Health Benefits – Improves Circulation & Lymphatic System And Relieves Inflammation

Massages enhance the blood circulation in your body, improves the nutrient supply to every cell in your body, and improves the waste material removal process in your body cells. When the circulation in your body improves, you are blessed with healthy, clear, and soft skin. The skin gets nourished with nutrients and oxygen once our masseur completes your massage.

The lymphatic system has to healthy to avoid any illness and to increase your body’s capacity to heal on its own. Our Ayurvedic massages enhance the stimulation of the lymphatic system, boosts your body’s immunity and natural defense capability.

Are you suffering inflammatory problems such as arthritis, tendinitis, and bursitis – walk into our massage spa in Chennai and other cities to get treated. Massage here loosens and relax your muscles. Frequent sessions enhance the flexibility of your joints and improve your movements. 

  • Therapeutic Abilities 

Have you just recovered from surgery or trauma? – walk into our massage center at River salon and spa to recover and rehabilitate. Our post-operative massage therapy helps you recover from pain and stress soon. 

The Ayurvedic massages at our massage centers in across many cities help you break down extra fat underneath your skin. This helps you lose weight and removes cellulite in your body.

  • Relieves Stress

Cortisol is a type of hormone that is released during massage sessions in your body. This hormone reduces the stress levels of your body and increases your body’s capability of healing on its own. 

The blood pressure reduces and the body breathes better and anxiety reduces with frequent Ayurvedic massages . Massage satisfies the body’s fondness for touch. Regular massage enhances emotional wellness by making you feel nurtured. It reduces your stress and anxiety. Also, our masseur’s expert massage sessions make you feel relaxed and calm and improve your focus and concentration. So walk out of our massage center at River Salon and spa with a creative and productive mind. We help you understand your body and identify what your body needs.

  • Promotes Good Sleep

Many of you may suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other problem that may deprive you of good sleep. Take an appointment for our massage sessions and relax your body and mind. It is your best and the first step to take immediately to get your body ready to shut down at the night. Sleeping helps your body heal, rebuild, and refresh so a lack of sleep may result in various problems like irritation, lack of concentration, and fatigue.

Final Word 

Many of us face stress every day. The stress locks tension in different parts of your body and leads to the deterrence of your body and mind. Our massage therapy gives your body the much-needed rest and helps your reap, not just physical but psychological benefits too

Massage therapy has been around us for thousands of years and is a part of many cultures across the world. It helps in Rebalancing your body and detoxify your system. Haven’t you taken your appointment for a massage at Rive Salon and Spa – Do it immediately and look forward to a relaxed and relieved body and soul. We look forward to serving you!!!

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